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Nov 8, 2012 12:42 AM

Traditional and Contemporary Turnip Pairings / Complements (White Turnips)

I've been exploring the more uncommon root vegetables such as Turnips, Swedes (Rutabaga / Yellow Turnips), Parsnips etc but I'm running out of ideas.

What are some classic dishes (traditional or contemporary) that pair Turnips with something else?

I mean other dishes like say: Chinese Style Braised Beef and Turnips. Where the Turnips are somewhat pivotal.

They do seem to pair quite well with Ham - I did a tasty soup with Turnips and a Ham stock (left over from boiling a Ham).

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  1. A lot of the fall/Thanksgiving mags will have loads of root recipes, a lot of glazed and mashed especially. Martha Stewart seems to always have loads of good recipes for the less popular vegetables. I have my eye on this:
    I recently made this soup with golden turnips and it was fantastic:
    This reminds me I need make some "quick lift" turnip pickles, a vital accompaniment to hummus and falafel.
    For parsnips, I just bookmarked this recipe yesterday:
    If you are looking for ways to use your turnip greens, this is good:

    1. At Chinese Yum Cha (or Dim Sum) in London on the weekend we had a serving of the Turnip cake that was rather good. Turnips mashed and reformed into a slice with a little BBQ Pork or Ham or something in there. and then lightly fried to warm it up.

      Very tasty. Does anyone have a recipe?

      1. Chinese Turnip Cake: