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Nov 7, 2012 10:05 PM

Reasonably priced, casual dinner near Davies?

Attending an event at Davies Symphony Hall tomorrow night and have been desperately wracking my brain for a good pre-show dinner spot for 6 people. I prefer casual (ruling out Bar Jules, Absinthe, etc) and entrees under $20. Maybe Suppenkuche. I know about Arlequin Cafe, but I've eaten there a couple times and would prefer something new.

We're willing to walk a little bit, as long as it's somewhat on the way from Powell or Civic Center BART.

Right now I have a reservation for Jasper's Corner, but the reviews I've read suggest it's horribly noisy and the food mediocre.

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  1. Lers Ros is great if Thai food is OK, but I don't know about getting a reservation for 6 the same day. It can't hurt to try. The food's great but apparently it can be very loud when it's full (I'm always there off peak hours when it's empty or half full). If you like Indian, Mela Tandoori Kitchen is very good, and that's a larger and quieter place than Lers Ros.