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Nov 7, 2012 09:58 PM

Cheap Generic Turkeys?

So who has the cheapest turkeys? It used to be you could get a turkey for $.19/lb with an extra $20 purchase at HEB (not that long ago), but the last 4-5 years it's been the "Buy an overpriced HEB brand ham for $3/lb and get a turkey for free". Which I don't really consider a good deal. Smithfield wet cured hams are $1.59-$1.79/lb for shank and butt, respectively.

Otherwise they're offering $.88/lb with $10 purchase, which would be the best deal. Or $1.19/lb regular price.

Randalls - I hate Randalls. So I have BIG problems spending an extra $50 there to get a turkey for $.59/lb.

Fiesta doesn't send me flyers even though I live within 3 miles. Nor do they post the ads on the website. So I rarely go there.

Restaurant Depot is $1.19/lb

Walmart - they don't even have flyers or specials, do they? It's just the usual "Everyday Low Quality" stuff - no gimmicks.

So what I'll probably do at the last minute is go to CostCo and get a rib roast or a fillet mignon butt and some sort of shellfish for Thanskgiving day. Then wait until a few days after Thanksgiving when fresh turkeys are being liquidated st $.29/lb. Just like the last two years. But I have to have sage-sausage cornbread stuffing cooked inside (or under) a bird on Thanksgiving, no matter what else. Even if I have to buy a chicken and spatchcock it over the stuffing.


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  1. I've never seen turkey being liquidated after Thanksgiving for .29 a pound. At least, not in the last 15 years here in the D/FW area. I'd buy 4 or 5 and freeze them if I could get them at that price. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places.

    Good luck on your search. I'm more of a cornbread and oyster dressing fan (with plenty of sage), but your sage-sausage dressing roasted under a spatchcocked chicken certainly sounds great too.

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    1. re: Maque Choux

      I bought two of them last year about 5 days after TG at HEB. Froze one, smoked the other. Check the expiration dates on the fresh turkeys, then go there 1-2 days prior. The fresh ones they need to get rid of. The frozen ones - not so much unless they're really overstocked.


    2. Good luck with that. Ever since HEB ran Albertoson's out of town they and Randal's (whom I also loathe) are the only game in town.

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      1. re: ericthered

        I love HEB usually. Never really liked Albertson's and despise Randalls - I've been burned too many times there, and their prices are well above HEB's.

        I'm just not too fond of HEB's TG specials. I don't buy sprial sliced hams since they lose too much moisture - especially with leftovers. And that's all they're advertising this year as part of the "special".

        I saw Walmart was selling the same RIverside turkeys as HEB for the same $.88/lb (at HEB you need to buy an extra $10 worth of stuff to get that price).

        1. re: sqwertz

          Yeah I hate to play that "you have to buy 10 dollars worth of stuff to get this price", Fiesta does that a lot and now so does Randal's only they want fifty dollars.

          1. re: ericthered

            Spending $50 at Randall's is like spending $35 at HEB. I know the prices of almost everything I buy at HEB and I'm shocked every time I go to Randall's. I don't mind the $10 extra at HEB (or Fiesta) as I know their prices are down to earth and have no problem spending the extra $10 (or more).

      2. I heard an ad on the radio that randalls is giving away a free safeway brand turkey up to 50 lbs if you spend $100.

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        1. re: High_Boost

          So you buy a bag of chips and some soda and you're set? Seriously though, you could probably buy all the stuff to make the sides, some wine (unless that's not eligible towards the $100), and stock up on a few other groceries & household goods and easily hit $100.

          Limit is 16lbs according to the website.

          1. re: verily

            But you'd save an average of $30 had you shopped at HEB instead. Which would buy you a 34-pound turkey at HEB's regular price ($.88).

          2. re: High_Boost

            Well then I'll take that deal, hell yeah!. That alone is worth spending the $100 just for the novelty of a 50lb turkey! I'd settle for a 45lber, too. Just in case they're temporarily out of the 50's :-)