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Nov 7, 2012 09:44 PM

Oyaki & hot soba dishes - where in Toronto?

Has anyone got recommendations for places serving good hot soba noodle dishes (e.g. in soup)?

Also, does anyone know of any places in TO that make Nagano-style oyaki buns (e.g. pumpkin, mushroom, etc.) ?

I love this food from when I travelled and stayed in the Nagano area in Japan years ago. I don't know of any place in TO that has oyaki. Any recos appreciated!

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  1. These guys make the best Soba in town. Really good stuff.

    As for your Oyaki buns, can't help you there. Take a veggie dumpling home from a Taiwanese place and grill it!

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          can't believe i havn't heard of this before. cool pop up.

          1. re: brushfire

            the original "pop-up". teds been at it for many years.

          2. re: Notorious P.I.G.

            Ah, I've heard of them, my Japanese shiatsu therapist knows them and recommended them a while back. I will have to check that out. Thanks!

      1. You can get frozen oyakis from Sanko's on Queen W & Niagara.

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          Thanks happycamper! You've made my day :)

        2. Zen does a great tempura soba - years ago, when I was lookking for the best broth in the city, the CH'ers steered me to Zen, and we have been going at least once a month since then. Of course, I have ever eaten anything at Zen that I have not liked, but the tempura soba soup on a cold fall or winter night is a treat.

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            Thanks Phoenix! I will try Zen. Tempura soba soup is my favourite - exactly what I was looking for.