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fresh, local Dungeness Crab on the menu

Where are the local crab sightings?
Della Fattoria in Petaluma has this Friday menu of Crab Louis, Crab & Avocado Crostini, and Crab Pressata for November 9.

I had sweet fresh crab at Abbot's Cellar on Monday evening on the "lemon roasted chanterelles, dungeness crab, cauliflower pickled and roasted".

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  1. The recreational season is open but it is illegal for sport fishermen to sell their catch. The commercial season does not open until November 15. Is Della Fattoria planning to poach . . . and I don't mean the cooking method . . . or serve non-local crab?

    1. Do you think any of this years Dungeness Crab has any Fukushima radiation?

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        Haven't seen any three-clawed or glowing Dungeness yet.

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          In the words of Tom Lehrer and the Boy Scouts "Be prepared."

        2. Counting the days to November 15.

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            I know. Was down at Princeton Harbor over the weekend and they had a large part of the parking area roped off for the crab fishing staging area. Hundreds of crab traps stacked up and ready to go.

            1. Chron reports that distributors agreed to $3 a pound and the boats went out to set traps for the midnight opening of the season.


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                Alioto-Lazio Fish Co
                Crab update. The boats have left the dock and are in the process of dropping their crab pots into the ocean to soak prior to beginning harvesting at Midnight, November 15th.
                At Fisherman's Wharf:
                440 Jefferson Street
                San Francisco, CA
                Phone: 415-673-5868
                6:30 am to 2 pm M-F
                Saturdays 7 am - Noon

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                    ktvu news sez: retail on Friday
                    Alioto-Lazio sez: hopefully tomorrow - call 415-673-5868 -

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                  G and G supermarket - Santa Rosa and Petaluma says they have it now!

                2. Woodhouse Fish Co. is serving Dungeness Crab in Crab Cocktail, Dungeness Crab Melt, Toasted-Buttered Dungeness Roll, Dungeness Crab Cakes, Dungeness Crab & Heirloom Tomato Spaghetti pasta, Cioppino, Dungeness Crab chilled or hot, plain cracked crab, Iceberg Louis w/Crab

                  1. Yesterday the Casino in Bodega town had a late revision to the Sunday breakfast menu --- Bloody Mary with the local fishermen and Dungeness Crab Benedict with Meyer lemon hollandaise. Broke my heart that I didn't read it on the FB page until post-brunch time. I hope it will be repeated.

                    More about The Casino,

                    1. Had a fabulous dungeness crab,chanterelle(hand gathered by the chef locally that morning)pasta last night at Trattoria La Siciliana on Ashby in Berkeley.Also on the menu crab cakes and whole and half steamed crabs served hot or chilled.Camino has also had various crab recipes on their menu,Sat and Sun.Boot and Shoe Service has featured a crab bruschetta over the weekend.Can't wait to see East Bay restaurants ramp up their Dungeness crab offerings since it's so fresh from the catch!

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                        As someone who grew up with blue crabs, let me share my hard won knowledge.

                        Do not buy crab cakes with dungeness. Dungeness is more delicate, and actually tastes better. Blue is bolder.

                        Do buy pasta with crab sauce, crab bruchetta, the general idea of crab + fat (creme or butter), plus a starch, is perfect. Bruchetta is a great idea; never had it.

                        As a chef, I would add a little "mustard" to a sauce (and not tell anyone). That's the yellow fatty stuff in the crab. That's just the bold crabby taste you need to wake up a pasta.

                        I have never had a decent crab cake on the west coast, and the semi decent ones are blue crab, not alaskan king or dungeness or stone crab.

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                          Of course!Blue crab is the best and my favorite by far,though I don't care for the crab fat.Blue crab is not local and it's expensive to purchase the flown in lump crab from the East Coast and don't care for the pasteurized.However this was a thread about "Fresh,local Dungeness crab on the menu",Hence my post.

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                            ...Forgot to mention my Mom has made this Jacques Pepin crab cake with tomato/avocado salsa for years.Though it would be so much better with lump Blue Crab she has made do with the local ingredients and it is delicious with Dungeness Crab!


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                            >>"I have never had a decent crab cake on the west coast... "

                            You need to get to Mendo Bistro in Fort Bragg this winter!

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                                The bar is high. I've had easily 20 or 30 crab cake preps with west coast crab, all of them miss the point and drown out the best taste of Dungeness. I can't say Mendo Bistro hasn't done it, but this place is one of the gold standards for crabcake. http://www.howardhousetavern.com/ I expect a place that has a similar deliciousness but highlighting the differences in crab flavor.

                          3. Salt & Pepper crab at R&G Lounge - extra awesome when in season. Other Chinese restaurants may also offer it, but I have not tasted any that matches these guys.

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                                No need. This is their house signature and they offer it year round. In the last 20 years I think they only ran out on me once.

                            1. In Oakland, Camino has a Monday nite crab special -- roasted in that beautiful huge brick oven -- for the next few weeks.

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                                Camino has the crab not just on Monday, but most days in season--on Monday, it's part of a fixed price three-course special is all--and--how's this for a pronouncement-- their roasted crab is far and away the best crab dish I've ever had!

                                1. Last year I was at Hayes Street Grill. Someone in the party ordered half a crab, small salad, bread for I think $20.00.