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Nov 7, 2012 06:21 PM

Tomato Provencal

While dining out last week I chose Tomato Provencal as my side dish option. I'm afraid to say I've never had it before so I asked the waitress how it is prepared (OK - I'm probably the only person in western civilization who has to ask). She said garlic, pesto, basil, bread crumbs, olive oil. It was DELICIOUS and I'd like to make it at home. I've searched for recipes and haven't found one that uses pesto. I know about the infamous Julia Child recipe and would like to try that too.

Does anyone know of a version using pesto?

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  1. AuntieJen, I hope this doesn't offend you, but it simply sounds as if they used pesto as a shortcut to making tomatoes Provencal--the only addition to the traditional recipe is the pine nuts or walnuts or almonds ground up in the pesto and, for some recipes, the cheese in the pesto. Why not get a good pesto like the one sold at Costco (as people recommended to me recently--and it freezes well) and mix in what else you like and re-bake the stuffed tomatoes? Extra cheese on top if you like? Or make your own Provencal pesto with pernod and stuff the tomatoes?

    I think you can't go wrong and you can tweak it the next time if your tastes desire.

    1. here's the julia child version:

      pesto isn't traditional, but this is a pretty flexible dish, ya know?

      1. Thank you for the tips and the link to Julia's recipe. No offense taken, rccola. :-) The typical TP recipe uses pesto ingredients minus nuts (as you pointed out), so they may use pesto to create their own version of TP and perhaps might even make their own pesto without nuts. Julia's recipe uses Herbes de Provence but I detected no hint of lavender or fennel that might be used in that mix. I tasted all the flavors of pesto, topped with the bread crumbs.

        It does seem like a very flexible dish and I'll definitely be trying it at home.

        Thanks for the tip on Costco's pesto!

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          lol, pesto is based on garlic, olive oil and basil. sounds like all they did was use pesto and breadcrumbs.

          i've stopped using garlic in pesto because i no longer care for the raw flavor of it. tweak this and see what you like.

        2. I make roasted tomatoes Proven├žal with garlic, thyme & parsley +oil only. They are roasted slowly for about an hour on racks or parchment at 350.