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Nov 7, 2012 05:12 PM

Cold pepperoni on pizza -- a Cleveland specialty??

I have a friend who grew up in Cleveland but hasn't been back in decades. He is going back next year for a high school reunion. He says, "The best pizza I ever had was when I was a kid in Cleveland, Ohio. I believe the place was called Gino's. The crust was thin and crisp. And a square slice right out of the oven was served with generous shavings of ultra thin cold pepperoni. Somehow the flavor of cold, smoky pepperoni complemented the hot cheese and crust. " He doesn't know if this recipe for pizza is a Cleveland specialty, but is hoping to find it when he goes back next year. Are there any Cleveland natives who have any info on this pizza? Thanks!

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  1. I have eaten tons of pizza all over NE Ohio and have never, ever heard of this. Sorry!