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Nov 7, 2012 04:31 PM

Saturday lunch near Omni Parker House?

Looking for suggestions for lunch near the Omni Parker House on a Saturday in mid November. I will be meeting up with my brother and his wife and would like to prevent any need for cars or cabs to get us all together for a nice lunch(nothing fancy but prefer it not to be a chain). I am never in that area (in between the Common, Downtown Crossing and Govt. Center) during lunch on Saturdays so I am out of ideas-any thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. Davios
    Bistro duMidi
    Parish Cafe


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      1. re: Bob Dobalina

        I second Marliave. They make their own bread for the sandwiches. Need I say more?

    1. For great sandwiches, Sam LaGrassas is right around the corner. It doesn't have table service but they have just about the best pastrami sandwich in the Greater Boston area. Their other sandwiches are really good as well, but I usually just can't seem to order anything other than the pastrami because it's so good! They do have plenty of seating even thought there's no table service.

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      1. re: catsmeow

        Fatal flaw: Sam Lagrassa's is not open on the weekend.

        1. re: FinnFPM

          I missed the Saturday part. Thanks for catching it.

        2. re: catsmeow

          Love La Grassa's but they're not open on Sat.

          I'll add another vote for Cafe Marliave; a block or so away from. Parker House.

        3. Oh Crap.... I misread that to be Park Plaza, sorry.

          Marliave is an excellent suggestion.

          You stil arent that far from Chinatown.

          1. Thanks to everyone who replied to my post! We all happily enjoyed an early lunch at Parish Cafe and we were glad to have been there when it opened-lines out the door by 12:40. Sandwiches were great, portions were big and service was friendly despite it being so busy. Thanks again.