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Sauce to go with maple cheesecake?

Hi, I want to make a sauce to go with maple cheesecake for Thanksgiving, but Im kind of lost as to what kind of sauce to make. I'm sure it will be delicious on its own (but some people want me to make a sauce with it) I didnt want to make an apple or pear sauce because there will already be an apple/pear dessert and I didnt want to make a cranberry sauce because there will already be homemade cranberry sauce. Also some people dont like nuts. I know maple is an unusual flavor for cheesecake, does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

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  1. Would a drizzle of warm maple syrup be too simple? Maybe add a touch of warm spices.

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      I'm definitely going to add some cinnamon and nutmeg to the cheesecake batter.

    2. A brown butter pecan sauce would be great...simple with brown sugar, a bit of cream and toasted chopped pecans; you can do the pecans on the side or skip the nuts and stir in some dried or fresh diced apples

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        That sounds great! Yes I will put pecans on the side. Thanks!

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          This sounds really good. I'd probably add some rum or bourbon to it. And, maybe candy the pecans w/ salt/sweet.

        2. My initial reaction would be a rhubarb sauce of some kind.

          Either that, or depending on how adventurous your dinner guests are, a basil syrup of some sort? I find maple and basil can work quite nicely together when done properly.

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            Unfortunately the only adventurous eaters in the family are my paternal grandmother and I. Thanks for the idea though.

          2. I googled to find a Maple Cheesecake with cinnamon swirl sauce. I can't vouch for it, but it sounds delicious!

            If left to my own creativity, I would not bother with a sauce- "Maple Cheesecake" as a stand alone might get me to try it even over Grandma's Apple Pie. Heaven Ferfenn!
            Another sauce idea: If someone wanted to drizzle some thawed raspberries/ raspeberry jelly warmed to a saucy consistency, I think that could be compatible. I even wondered about warmed up caramel sauce. Would a chocolate sauce do anything?

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              Thanks I will have to try that. I never thought about swirling sauce in cheesecake. I thought about caramel sauce too. I dont know about raspberries or chocolate going with maple though. Thanks.

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                After Thanksgiving, it would be great to hear from you on how your recipe went over. Have a wonderful holiday!

            2. Bourbon sauce? Guests could pour their own in case children of very fastidious parents are present. :-)

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                I love this, and would stir some walnuts into it before serving, too, to play off a maple walnut combination.

                1. Curious, does the maple cheesecake have a crust ie: graham or some sort of cookie crust? Because it might be nice to carry over the crust into a light crumb with whipped cream on the top instead of a sauce.

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                  1. Chocolate or Peanut Butter.

                    1. something with bourbon!!!!!!!!!!!!

                      1. I'd maybe try a peach sauce because some fruity-tartness would cut through the maple-sweetness very nicely. Would a cran-raspberry sauce still be out of the question? If you don't need the tart factor and it doesn't _have_ to be a sauce, you could also dress it up with one of those lacey caramel or chocolate cage things.

                        On third thought, the Trader Joe's pumpkin butter has a bit of a lemony tang that might go really well too. Good luck!

                        1. I would do something simple, like a cinnamon whipped cream.

                          1. Caramel or butterscotch, maybe with a little pumpkin pie filling stirred into it.

                            1. A Sabayon would work well also. Here is a good recipe. I would go with using either Sherry or Tawny Port.


                              1. Curious Chow Hound friends want to know... Brasil- what did you finally decide for Thanksgiving and how did it go over?