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Nov 7, 2012 03:32 PM

Who has roasted a deboned turkey?

I'm ordering a deboned diestel turkey from the market for this weekend to try, if it's great I'll do it (maybe two) for Thanksgiving. (The store will do the deboning)

Do you have any tips to offer me? I think I have a great recipe, going to roll the turkey around prosciutto and fennel and other herbs then tie it. Sounds good, but could use wisdom from those who've gone before me...Thanks!

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  1. Look at a few turducken recipes for ideas.You are going to have to fill the cavity and tie it up methinks.

    1. I've done this though the transglutaminase+sous-vide variation gave better results than straight roasting.

      Are you getting the entire bird deboned or just the crown? The turducken suggestion is a good one because I can't really see a core of prosciutto and herbs working out too well unless you're shooting for a roulade.

      1. What size are you getting?

        Not the same thing but I recently completely deboned a 4 lb chicken and stuffed it with duxelle after which I tied it and roasted it in the oven at 350 for 90 min. Came out really well. Could have pulled it sooner

        1. I've done Turkeys filled with stuffing.... rolled and tied into a log of sorts, it makes for even slicing where everyone gets a little skin, turkey and stuffing and the presentation is very nice on the plate.

          If you like dark skin, add molasses to the brine......or you can brush with soy sauce.