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Nov 7, 2012 02:59 PM

Visiting DC

I'm going to a convention in DC and will be staying in the Marriott Wardman park I was wondering if anyone knew any good places near there. Anything will do fancy to hole in the wall I just want some really good food. Im told this hotel is near woodley park zoo metro so anything I can get to using that is also welcomed.

Also any food type haha I know so broad but I've never been here and if it's good that's all I care about

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  1. I really enjoyed Ardeo + Bardeo. Their menu offers a great selection of small plates so you can try a few dishes and get a wide range of flavors.

    1. Dino and Palena are both a short cab ride up Connecticut; both are really good.

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        Actually they are just a metro stop away. The METRO is a great way to get around and will take you to some very good places to eat. Dino has very good Italian food and a FANTASTIC and well priced wine list. Ardeo+Bardeo is also very good. Palena's back room is excellent for high end, the front Cafe is pretty good too but there have been some reports recently of less than stellar service.

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          Yeah, I know, but I hate Metro so I never recommend it.

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            Metro? what's to hate? it's usually clean and mostly on time. yeah I'd rather walk if not too far but as mass transit goes, the worst I can come up with is 'boring'

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              It's expensive and unreliable. It's cheaper now for me to drive to DC and valet (as long as I have one person with me). Personally, I'd just take a cab, but whatever.

      2. Actually the metro is right AT your hotel. You can easily walk to Cleveland Park though it's only a few blocks. It's a gem of a restaurant hood for sure! Ripple is a wonderful wine bar w/ a cheesemonger/charcuterie station that cranks out french munchies. The chef is supposed to be great too but we've never had REAL food here just wine and cheese/charcuterie!! Lavandou is a really nice french provincial restaurant, good food & service; if you want a 'slice' Vace is to die for. The cafe and back room at Palena are both good as Reiflame & Dinwiddie said. There are a few new places there too...spanish & mussels, plus a good asian place and Medium Rare which is steak and frites, period. The frozen yogurt place across from the zoo is's on the same side of the street as your hotel. Starbucks there too!

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          Thank you so much! I went to Ripple and it was really great! thank you so much!

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            Take metro parking in DC has become a real pain

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              I take in to and from work every day. Much more reliable that what I had to deal with in Manhattan.

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              I'm so glad! If you had your dinner there you'll have to tell ME how it was since i've only had apps and wine there! The staff is great isn't it?