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Nov 7, 2012 12:38 PM

Need a new rack, not a new roasting pan

The heavy black rack that came with my All Clad roasting pan is now all peeled away and rusty. Pan is still fine, I'm just finding flimsy racks sold separately. Anyone know where I can get a new heavy-duty rack, hopefully one that won't rust and peel?

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  1. I have three commercial racks,all purchased as open stock.
    1 Calphalon,1 AllClad no complaints about either,not my favorite.
    I prefer 1Cuisipro from Fantes .. catalog# 8877
    and this from Chef's Catalog .. catalog#25323

    1. Thank you for those websites...unfortunately my pan is smaller than I thought (it's the Petit Roti by All Clad) and most of the racks that are what I'm looking for are too long for the pan.

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        the Cuisipro is adjustable with ease and starts small ,but there is a lot to offer at both sites

      2. Contact All-Clad. They have a lifetime guarantee. Their customer and product support is second to none and they will likely provide you with a new rack free of charge.

        1. Finally got around to e-mailing All-Clad and alas and alack I voided my warranty by washing the thing in the dishwasher (over and over and over, sigh, wasn't going to lie about it). But they directed me to which sells their products (and many others), and I'm replacing it for $19.95. Of course I had to buy something else to get free shipping @@ but that's ok I got something I needed.