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Nov 7, 2012 12:30 PM

Wolfe Burgers in Pasadena - Gone

Wolfe Burgers, a longtime fixture on Lake Ave. in Pasadena, appears to be gone. Driving by the other day, I noticed a big banner out front announcing that an establishment called "Rounds Burger" would soon be taking over the spot.

I only went to Wolfe once or twice; neither the food nor the ambiance could pry me away from other local burger options, but the onion rings were noteworthy, and I know it had something of a local cult following. Don't know much about Rounds, other than I think I've seen a truck by that name.

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  1. kind of sad but not really. used to live right near there so we went a couple of times. nothing special but just a greasy spoon and convenient if you were in the area. had to stop going there after i placed my order and watched the cook put burgers on the grill with bare hands and black fingernails. black as in dirt or whatever encrusted underneath his nails. i was pregnant at the time and had my stomach had a very short temper :) oh, the rings were decent too!

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      I have some memories of Wolfe Burger from way, way back. My nephew used to live with me and he was quite the burger fanatic. He was probably 8 or 10 years old and I took him to places I'd heard of. This was probably like 25-30 years ago. Although I lived in near the eastern boundary of Culver City I did take him to a bunch of places like Cassell's, Hampton's, Woody's in El Segundo, etc. He did like Wolfe Burger so we made a few trips out there. As I recall the burger was better than average in those days and the place was pretty busy. The place was doing pretty well and the owner (Wolfe) even had a camera store he started in Pasadena. Guess the many intervening years weren't so kind.

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        Had no idea Wolfe camera and Wolfe burger were started by the same man. Wolfe camera is still, last I checked, doing ok.

    2. I think they've been shuttered for a while now. Too bad.

      Tamale pie = guilty guilty pleasure.

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        Some comments over on Yelp suggest that it only closed at the end of October.

      2. Wolfe Burger had cool tee shirts, IIRC.