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Nov 7, 2012 11:43 AM

Fried Fish Skin in Bay Area?

Crispy fried fish skin is a common snack/accompaniment in Hong Kong. It's often found in wonton noodle or fish ball noodle shops (where the fried fish skins are a way to use up every part of the fish). I didn't think I would like it until I tried it. I wanted to know if anyone has been to a place in the Bay Area that serves or sells it.

I know of two sources and both aren't satisfactory when it comes to quantity or quality. At Koi Palace if you get their hot pot dinner, they give you a couple pieces of fried fish skin but they are TINY and like I said, you only get a couple pieces. I've also seen packaged fried fish skin (in clear plastic tubes, almost like tennis ball tubes but wider) sold in some Asian markets but to me it's kind of like packaged popcorn. All the elements are there, but the lack of freshness leaves a lot to be desired.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Would buying some fresh fish with thick skin (e.g., carp) at an Asian grocery store and asking them to just fry the skin for you on site work?

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        most sushi places will serve fish skin crisped up .......

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          I believe it's actually skin from a particular type of fish and it is actually coated with some seasoning and possibly a light batter before it's deep fried. Texture is like a denser/harder shrimp chip. Not something grocery store could do.

          You can get it at most wonton/noodle places in Hong Kong, but most are not very good (stale or not seasoned right). It's only good if it's super fresh, like deep fried only hours earlier. It gets stale really fast.

          I don't recall ever seeing it fresh in the U.S. or Canada..that's why I ordered it whenever I was at a noodle place when I visited Hong Kong. Heck even bought a bag of it to snack on like chips, from a place that was well known for the fried fish skins.

        2. lol - order the Pla Trout Tod Nam Pla fried quick marinated whole trout in fish sauce and pepper, served with mango sauce at Lers Ros Thai at 730 Larkin Street and after your tablemates have cleaned out the tender flesh and bones, you can feast on the crisply fried skin to your heart's delight.

          1. Fish skin yakitori probably doesn't count. That stuff is like bacon on steroids.

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              'bacon on steroids' yum. is it skewered on sticks?