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Nov 7, 2012 11:41 AM

Can you sort restaurants on Open Table by review category?

We're meeting friends in NYC in a couple weeks for dinner, and they are bringing along their relatively well behaved small children (at least every time we've eaten with them, they've been perfect, but mom and dad have told us tales about other times!). So we want to chose a place that is kid-friendly.

When you are doing a review on Open Table, one of the categories you can check is "Kid Friendly". And when you're reading reviews of a restaurant you see how often that was checked, and you can even sort that restaurant's reviews to see the ones that clicked that category.

But I want to start my search of restaurants in NYC that have alot of those "Kid Friendly" reviews boxes checked, and then chose our destination from that list.

I know how to chose by location and cuisine and price and time, but can I chose by review category?

Many thanks.

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  1. This is a question you should ask OpenTable.

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    1. re: dinwiddie

      If OpenTable had a messageboard with people I trust like Chowhound does, I would do that.

      Thanks, small h, I'll cross reference with Yelp

    2. I don't think Open Table allows you to narrow results by that feature. But Yelp does. And while I don't trust Yelp reviews all that much, I trust them more than the ones on Open Table.

      1. And using Yelp to find "kid friendly", we could have ended up here:

        1. Why don't you post the places your thinking about on the NYC board? Plenty of people there to give you guidance. Depending upon the children, there are very few places that I would not take a child to in NYC. Our son has been to Shack Shake and EMP and lots of places in between . One of his favorites in Nobu. If they're well behaved, you have plenty of choices. Obvious places to stay away from are the more sceney kinds of spots.