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Nov 7, 2012 11:36 AM

Piazza Orsillo, Somerset

Still no power, now at 9 days and counting. We're with my sister in Somerset. I remember JustJake giving some high praise to the Grandma's pie at Orsillo so last night we gave it a go.
JJ, you have good taste! My best description of the Grandma's at Orsillo is that it tasted exactly how my Mom used to make her version. I know that doesn't mean much to everyone reading this but suffice to say it was excellent.

The large rectangle pie had a nice crispy but chewy crust, good amount of sauce, cheese, oregano and garlic that had good roasted character. Easily fed the three of us last night.

Our server (didn't catch her name) was funny, I asked her for the "famous" pizza and she responded, "you want the Grandma's pizza". She put up with several obnoxious people last night at neighboring tables and smiled the entire time.

Thanks JJ, finally made it to Piazza Orsillo and will make it a regular stop when visiting my sister.

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  1. Tom, as I've returned to work this week, I had occasion to have my first good slice of pie since Sandy. I'm glad that you enjoyed - that Grandma's pie has such great taste, it's hard to find something close in the Grandma realm of delivery.

    Going to try the Neapolitan place up in Kingston in the next few weeks.

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      Yea, we did enjoy that version of Granma's from Orsillo and I think my sister, who lives less than a mile away, has found a new favorite place :)

      1. re: JustJake

        JJ, let me know what you think of Osteria Procaccini in Kingston when you go. Our favorite Neapolitan pizza of all the places in NJ and NT we have been to.
        Besides the excellent pizza, their house antipasto and salads are just as good.