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Nov 7, 2012 11:32 AM

Pre-Made Thanksgiving Meals... Take home & Heat/Cook????

Hi everyone, my family has always had Thanksgiving dinner at a relative's home in Newton; but given how hectic this season seems as if it will be, I think it'd be easier to pick up a meal and take there and cook. In the past we have tried Roche Bros., which was good; however, I am looking to see if anyone else has any experience at another restaurant/market. It's ideal to pick up and bring home and serve family style rather than have separate meals.

Any ideas are greatlyyyy appreciated!! Thanks!!

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  1. We've done Blue Ribbon BBQ for the last few years for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. For the first year we did the full dinner they offer (turkey, sides, dessert) but last year we just got the turkey from them and I made my own sides - mostly because I like my own sides better but also because if the turkey isn't roasting all day (because someone else has already done it!), it's pretty easy to have room/time to do the sides.

    We'll do it again this year. In the past we've also done Roche Brothers and thought it was OK.



      this is in Framingham ... pretty good stuff - just reopened a few months ago.

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          For those located south of Boston, Gerard Farms also has a location in Marshfield. It has a separate web site but is the same family and has the same offerings.

      1. People swear by Owens Poultry Farm in Needham on Central Avenue (near Volante Farm). They will prepare the entire meal for you.

        1. The Meat House does this. You can check what they offer. AFAIK, they only have heritage turkeys, which are nothing like a supermarket turkey.

          I noticed Bazaar, the Russian deli in Coolidge Corner, is advertising complete T'giving meals. They actually make decent hot food. And they have a ton of cold salads. So who knows?

          1. Flour has a nice-looking Thanksgiving menu available for pre-order. The menu is on their website.