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Monrovia Canyon Park

Monrovia Canyon Park is in the mountains near Monrovia. We're going to Cub Scout camp this weekend, driving from West LA (rain or shine!). We were told to ear dinner this Firday night before getting to camp at 6:00 pm. So I want to wrap up dinner around 5:00. My wife, 8 year old Cub Scout and I like all foods, but don't want to spend much and avoid fast food chains.

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  1. If casual is okay I'm a huge fan of The Market Grill in Monrovia. No ambiance to speak of but great burgers, sandwiches and salads.


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      The Monrovian is also very good and everyone can find something they like there.

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        These both sound great, something is up with The Market Grill in Monrovia link.

        --any dumplings?

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          market grill is great, but there's only seating for maybe 10 people there... though i can't imagine it will be particularly crowded on friday at 5 pm. total hole in the wall, but great burgers and they may have bacon chocolate chip cookies.

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            Just saw the question about dumplings. If that's what you're looking for, you should definitely hit up Din Tai Fung in Arcadia, only 2 freeway exits away to the west. It's at the corner of Baldwin and Duarte. They're usually super crowded, but if you're getting there that early, you won't have a problem.
            When you finish, you can even take the quicker surface street route to monrovia by going east on Duarte until you hit Myrtle or Mountain, which you can then take north to get to the Canyon Park.

      2. Zelo Pizzeria, it's pricey pizza but not too outrageous.

        1. If you're up for seafood, try Big Shrimps Fish Grill in downtown Monrovia. The park is just a short drive away from there: http://bigshrimpsfishgrill.com/

          1. Thanks for all the advice! We'll make the call Friday afternoon and I'll report back next week.

            Sorry to say Big Shrimps Fish Grill is out (for some reason my son has made up his mind that he now does not like seafood)

            1. A couple quick additional notes from a local:

              1) It's a very short drive up Canyon Blvd. to the scout camps; 5-10 minutes tops on most weekdays, so you can finish dinner as late as 5:30 and still probably be on time. I go mountain biking up there frequently and the only thing you'll need to worry about is the nasty gradient for the last half mile on wet surface...

              2) Friday evening is the weekly farmer's market and family fair in old town Monrovia (Myrtle Ave. between Foothill and Walnut) so while there are some decent family restaurants in that area, like Monrovian and Rudy's (good Gringo-Mex), the parking and turnaround times will be trickier than usual.

              So you might want to consider something a bit further away from Myrtle, and maybe some good soup for a cold damp night ... Market Grill always has great daily soup specials to go with their first-rate sandwiches; other ideas along those lines would be the pho at Pho-Licious on Live Oak (cheesy name, but wonderful rich beefy-anise-y broths), or the ham & yam soup at Shanghai Gourmet on Duarte (which wins, hands down, the award for Best Arcadia Restaurant Actually In Monrovia.)

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                Thanks for the advice on the final drive to camp Trask--it was right on!
                We went to Din Tai Fung in Arcadia and it was great. The dish of the night was the pork dumplings; we should have got 2 orders (funny how the pork and vegetable ones weren't as good). They were out of pork buns and again, the vegetable bun wasn’t that good. The broccoli/garlic dish was very good, as was the fried pork noodles. I only complaint about these was that when we split these dishes 3 ways, we didn’t get very much.
                We started with chicken wonton soup, which was good (the wontons were my favorite item).
                We got out of Din Tai Fung for a bit over $50 (nothing to drink but the tea and water helped us keep things down). Service was great.