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Nov 7, 2012 11:05 AM

New to Mission Hills

I just moved to the area and Im semi familiar with the location. Any suggestions of good places near by to eat, "hole in the walls", bars etc. Any and all suggestions very much appreciated. Thanks!

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    1. Can't think of anything in the immediate area, but this thread about Northridge might be helpful.


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        That's a good thread. Unfortunately, places to eat are rather sparse. In addition to those places listed the the thread, youre close to San Fernando where there are some fantastic hike in the wall Mexican places. My favorites are Tortas Ahogadas, Carrillo's Tortilleria, Los Tres Hermanos, and also Gallo Giro in the supermarket on San Fernando road for carnitas and tamales.

        There's a French place on Sepulveda and SF Mission but I've never been there. Casa de Pizza on SF Mission and Woodley isn't bad. The lasagna and pizza are spot on but will not knock your socks off. Granada hills has a food truck fest every Friday on Chatsworth and Zelzah. Zankou Chicken also recently opened up.

        As far as bars are concerned, they are even sparser. You can to the Odyssey which has fantastic views of the Valley with a full bar. Just down the hill is El Presidente Mexican restaurant at Rinaldi and Sepulveda that has a nice happy hour. Food is meh.

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          I work in the area...Casa de Pizza is good, albeit a little heavy handed with the garlic. La Affair is nice for your clandestine meetings. The Safari Room on Devonshire has a surprising good gyro and petite filet. And who doesn't like 1970s kitsch? A&W Seafood on San Fernando Mission in the Von's shopping center does dim sum and then some. I think the food at the Odyssey blows, but they have a great view and a good enough salad bar. Vincenzo's pizza on Balboa makes a good pie, and I hear good things about Pampas on Chatsworth, but have never been. If I can think of anymore, I'll post later. Welcome to Mission Hills.

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            I had no idea that A&W was in that area. Do they do dim sum in MH every day and is the variety the same as Northridge? I heard that there are more choices on weekends at NR.

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              I've never been to the one in Northridge. They do dim sum all week.

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              I like Pampas (on the corner of Chatsworth and Balboa) alot. The grilled meats are a bit of a chew, but very flavorful. In addition to the argentinian meat-centric offerings, they have the usual italian-via-argentina pasta and pizza dishes.

              Entree portions are very ample. So are the sides - garlicy al dente green beans, bracing shredded salads, all for just a couple of bucks. And complimentary homemade rolls with the herbacious garlic olive oil (chimi-churri?). Interesting desserts - huge slabs of caramel tres leche cake, etc....

              Nothing fancy (or even outstanding) here, just tasty charred meats, fresh veggies, and garlic..

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                The last time I went to Pampas, my chicken was buried under a pool of Alfredo sauce. My gf's dish had practically half a block of shredded cheese on her pasta dish. My mom's beef was tasty but overcooked. The rolls are fantastic though.

                There is a ramen noodle place down the street from Pampas on Balboa.

                1. re: granadafan

                  Hi... Point taken. Though in fairness, I have never really seen a judicious hand and/or restraint, where the words 'alfredo sauce' are invoked on a menu, anywhere.

                  Alfredo sauce always seems to ooze forth like that mysterious opaque 'ectoplasm' that cascades out the ears of 19th century spiritualist mediums as seen in sepia-toned photos...

        2. Here's also this place:


          Prices are steep, though, and it seems like no one has been.

          1. Los Equipales in Sylmar has excellent birreria (goat) tacos. Named best of six top taco places in the San Fernando Valley by L.A. Weekly

            Los Equipales 15963 Yarnell St., Sylmar