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Nov 7, 2012 10:55 AM

Veselka Ukrainian Diner

Having breasfast/brunch with my son, the actor, Sunday, Nov 18, before his matinee that afternoon. I found Veselka in a guidebook, as it is close to the theater. Any reports good or bad about this place for a peaceful morning meal?

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  1. It's good for what it is. Open 24/7. Solid food, dependent upon what you order. I like the breakfast food and their burger. But in my experience it's popular with young folks, and gets a bit of a line for brunch on weekends. At least the 2nd Ave location does. If you are crunched for time, and want somewhere really quiet and not crowded, maybe it's not the best place to go. Maybe try the Bowery location, as it is larger?

    1. Cafe Orlin has a better quality breakfast and a block from Veselka, Vesekja has decent pirogies. The coffee is pretty bad. But like Kathryn says, it is good for what it is. a 24/7 diner. Ukrainian Home a few yards down has a good reasonable lunch.

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        Second Orlin or their sister restaurant Cafe Mogador.

      2. i should stand up for veselka...veselka is love. just a solid east village diner. i usually get american standard food...sandwiches, milkshakes, fries. service can be a bit crazed when its crowded but ive been going since i was in high school.

        the bowery one is surprisingly great too. same food but a completely different atmosphere. a great option if you are nearby or looking for a more quiet breakfast or lunch.

        1. Go to Stage Restaurant, instead. The food is better, and it's just as old-school. Warning, though: It's bar stools at a counter only. So if you don't like that, consider any of the other places people are recommending.

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            I had some good pea soup at Stage today. The pirogies were as good as Veselka, I didn't like the extra charge for sour cream though. It si surely old school and the service better than Veselka.
            It has similarity in look and feel as B&H, but of course B&H is only Dairy,

          2. Veselka is not much more than a late night diner. I wouldn't be surprised if your son has been there a few times himself. I like some of their sandwiches and pierogi, but I can't really recommend their breakfast food. If you are looking for eggs and pancakes, try Cafe Orlin as recommended above. Virage isn't bad either.

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              I recently had a mediocre breakfast at Veselka that consisted of a tasteless omelet and greasy, leaden potato pancakes. East Village Ukrainian Restaurant (mentioned above as "Ukrainian Home") would be a good place to get a stick-to-your-ribs lunch.

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                I haven't been to Virage in years but always found it mediocre and characterless. I mean, it's not actively bad like a lot of the food at Veselka, but there's much better to be had in the neighborhood.

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                  It doesn't sound like the OP is looking for anything fancy. Virage isn't the first place I'd go with a group of friends in the neighborhood, but it's fine for a consensus breakfast.

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                    Why do you think I'm suggesting anyplace fancy? I recommended Stage Restaurant, which is the least fancy place in the neighborhood. Fanciness is completely irrelevant to my comments in this thread, and not something I care much about, in general. By the way, Orlin is fine, though I always used to prefer Cafe Mogador until I got one too many rotten (literally) salads from them.