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Nov 7, 2012 10:11 AM

Anything good not terribly far from the Pennsylvania Turnpike ?

another long drive- any suggestions? We'll be driving through Pennsylvania on the way to Maryland, not sure if leaving PA via I-70 or I-83.

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  1. one place we do know about is in Monroeville- Udipi Cafe. any other suggestions? any type of food-it just has to be interesting & not like the turnpike rest areas.

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    1. re: Michigan Mishuganer

      Summerset Diner in Summerset. Fresh ground burger meat, a real treat. Greasy spoon all the way.

      Udipi's fantastic.

      Out of the Fire Cafe in Donegal.

      1. re: Chowrin

        There's a Summit Diner, is that the place?

        We tried to find the veggie place- Maggies, in Donnegal a few years ago but gave up after driving in the dark for some time.

        saw on web- Coal Miners Cafe Jennerstown
        has anyone tried this place?

        1. re: Michigan Mishuganer

          Summit Diner, that's the one. Haven't seen Maggies, but Out of the Fire Cafe is great (we stuck to burgers, but yum!!)

          1. re: Chowrin

            Don't forget pie at the Summit Diner-the coconut is to die for-all fresh made, generous slice.
            And I'd second Out of the Fire in Donegal-close to the highway, but feels far away.
            Nice space, great service and really terrific food-we try to stop there every trip, and sometimes do lunch one way and dinner the other. This is a serious restaurant with a relaxed vibe. Note they are BYOB. There's a couple of hotels just down the road, if you are looking for an overnight-I love places that require no or little extra driving after a long day on the road.

    2. reading exit
      Black Horse( my fav)
      Stouts Black Angas
      all on route 272

      1. I love the Sumit Diner in Somerset. They have great breakfasts, very good burgers and the prices are as low as you will find anywhere. It's also right off of the turnpike...Exit, turn right at light, and you are there.

        As far as other choices, the best selections would be either at the Cranberry or Monroeville exits, which are both closer to Pittsburgh. While there are a lot of chains at either exit, right near the exit in Cranberry is a Pirmanti's Brothers. While I really like Pirmanti's, many locals don't share the love, but it's still a chance to have a sandwich like you won't get anywhere else! (hint: Don't order the cheesesteak). There is also a pretty good BBQ place in Cranberry called Pork 'n-Nat. Good pulled pork and ribs. Both of these places are within a mile of the exit. (Pork 'n-Nat might be 2miles)

        1. If you decide to take 83, we like John's diner, which is one exit north of the 83/turnpike interchange. It's owned by a Greek family, so there are a few Greek dishes on the menu, as well as a huge variety of other things. Very reasonable prices and usually friendly service, too.

          1. Off the Cranberry Exit near Pittsburgh there is Tamari a mostly Asian fusion with good fancy maki (sushi) rolls and some fun tapas like grilled romaine, lobster mac n cheese, individual robata grill skewer. Not bad at all for Pittsburgh and I'd think Michigan sushi.

            Off the Bedford Exit is my favorite's is Green Harvest Co, very green and healthy with the yummiest vegetarian reuben. I can't get the website to come up right now so I hope it isn't closed. A chocolate store next door provides a nice bite of dessert for the road.

            I've heard great things about Out of the Fire but haven't gotten there yet.

            Maggie's Mercantile closed I believe.