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How to cut frozen butter?

A few of my favorite European-style butters were on sale last week so I grabbed a bit more than I will be able to use for a while. I imagine it will last me a year or more, so I figured it'd be best to freeze it. I mostly use butter in cooking (sauteeing, steak topper, etc). vs baking However, I'd like to use a pat here or there. Is it relatively easy to hack off a chunk when I need it?

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  1. It isn't that hard to cut off a piece. It is hard to cut off a precisely measured piece. Perhaps you could divide it into useable sizes and then freeze?

    1. I'd melt a pound at a time and turn it into 'ghee'. IMO.

      1. Do you always freeze
        Your butter?

        I would leave one pack out and freeze the rest and take out a new pack as needed instead of storing it in the freezer even after you open it.

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          Nope, never frozen butter but with so much that I can't use in a few months I thought it'd be best to keep it fresh.

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            Right. So keep one out and as you get to the end if it put a new one in the fridge from the freezer.

        2. i would just grate off the quantity you need if you want to keep it frozen

          1. How long would it last in the fridge? I don't think I've ever had butter that 'went bad.'

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              I wouldn't keep butter in the fridge for a year. Are these European butters in sticks or in half-pound or one-pound blocks? I freeze butter all the time, and pull out a pound (4 sticks) at a time and put them in my fridge. A stick will get taken out as needed and put into the butter tray for use as needed.

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                They are in one-pound foil wrapped blocks.

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                  If you want smaller "pats" to use, I would cut each 1-lb. block in thirds, and then cut those thirds into 4 pieces for freezing on parchment or waxed paper. That sounds like a reasonable size for what you're looking to use them for.

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                    I think this is my solution, thanks.

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                      You're quite welcome. Good butter is a treasure.

            2. 'like a hot knife cutting through butter'

              I would portion 1lb of butter into 4 sticks, that way your have your sticks premeasured, and then individually wrap, it would be much easier to cut a chunk off a stick then an entire block. Run a knife under hot or boiling water and slowly but surely it should cut through the butter fine. Or leave it out on the counter for 15 minutes and I am sure it would be easier to cut through.

              That said, I have never found it necessary to freeze butter myself, just depends on your turnover

              1. "Is it relatively easy to hack off a chunk when I need it?"


                1. I freeze butter all the time and keep a pound in the fridge for daily use. When I've needed to get some frozen butter into immediate use the quickest way is to grate it using a regular size grater. I don't do it for company, because those pats are much prettier, but grated butter works fine, even over toast. It melts quickly!

                  1. Cut it into the chunk size you want, and freeze on parchment or waxed paper. They can then be popped into a ziploc bag for use when you need it.

                    1. I know it's after the fact, but before I freeze it I use a cheese cutter to get even portions. It's the cutter that has a wooden or marble platform, and an arm with a wire (piano or guitar string).

                      You could partially thaw the butter, cut and re-freeze: I've done that before.

                        1. As other posters have suggested, simply run a knife under hot water for a couple of minutes. The old adage "like a hot knife through butter" is one of the truer ones - lol!

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                          1. I agree with others. I would partition your butter now. Leave one in refrigerator, and the rest in freezer. Good luck.

                            1. Butter freezes just fine, but fats do pick up refrigerator odors so for long storage do pop the package into a freezer baggie or wrap an added layer of aluminum foil tightly against the packaging.

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                                Great, thanks for the tip. I wrapped them in freezer paper and then in plastic freezer bags.