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Nov 7, 2012 09:07 AM

Ever cooked a full Thanksgiving Dinner in your room at a Marriott Residence Inn?

We will be attempting to do this in a couple of weeks, and are looking for past experiences of others who have had the experience.

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  1. I would just get a bunch of microwaveable Hungry Man Turkey TV dinners.

    1. haven't tried it, but what equipment is available? The national website says full-sized refrigerator, oven, stove, and microwave -- so I figure you can make as much of a meal as you want.

      1. I'm impressed with the appliances and space that Residence Inns have. I've never done a whole Thanksgiving meal in one but think it is doable. I think the biggest limitation are pots/pans/knives. Any chance you can bring your own?

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          that crossed my mind -- I'm thinking a trip to Walmart or a Dollar Store would get you enough to get you through. (roasting pan, usable knife, etc.)

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            I will be able to bring things to help. I am specifically interested with experience with the 'kitchens' at the Marriott, and cooking in them. Fortunately, I will be able to do a lot of prep at home and bring the results in my ice chest. I plan on bring good knives and a real cutting board.

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              You might want to check the one you're staying at but the ones I've stayed at have nice full sized appliances, stove/refrigerator/microwave. And, nice ones like GE Profile. They don't have much counter space but there is a kitchen table that would work, near by, sometimes inside. I don't think it would be hard to do a thanksgiving dinner in one, as long as you bring your own cooking utensils/pas/etc.

          2. I attended a Thanksgiving cooked in a similar situation. The host had to pickup a roasting pan, good knife, and some casserole dishes. Serving spoons too. The oven was small and just accommodated the small turkey. He used a food grade plastic bag and filled the tub with ice for the brining. The only "glitch" was the tiny coffee pot. It took a while to make multiple pots for after dinner coffee!

            1. I will be cooking a full thanksgiving dinner in a classroom. Well, mostly reheating but still. I have a roaster for the turkey, and one single burner portable IH hotplate at my disposal. I plan on doing most of the work the day before, blanching green beans and chilling them, blanching carrots and chilling, maybe cooking the potatoes the day before too, though I am not entirely sure yet. The stuffing I will mostly do the day before, and the braised cabbage the day before.

              My plan is the day of, to be able to have the turkey in the roaster, while the turkey rests stick the potatoes and stuffing in the roaster to heat them up, and then heat the cabbage on the IH, and then last minute sautee the green beans in some butter and herbs, and then after the carrots in a similar fashion. And at some point the gravy fairy will make an appearance and gravy will happen.

              I will also have buns that I will somehow mass produce in my baby oven, and pumpkin pies.

              I have one pot and one frying pan, so expect I will buy a few foil dishes for the stuffing and pie plates and stuff.

              I am cooking for 20 people, but have to keep it very simple and do most of the prep before hand. Even at home where I will do most of the prep I only have said single burner IH and a toaster oven and a small microwave/convection oven.

              The turkey in the roaster is easy, the scariest most difficult part for me is the fact I have to prep the turkey, and then carve it on a desk, with very limited sink availability. At least I will have my knives to carve the turkey.

              I figure as long as I have an open bottle of wine, nothing can go wrong?

              Cheers to interesting thanksgivings!

              My potluck Canadian thanksgiving was much easier last month, but now I got suckered into catering this one for the school I work at.