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Nov 7, 2012 07:48 AM

Downtown Pittsburgh Recommendations


My significant other and I are travelling to Pittsburgh (from Toronto) in about a month's time, and are looking for some great foodie recommendations. We're staying at the Wyndham Grand in downtown Pittsburgh. We'll have a car so that we can travel outwards for dinner, but I'd prefer breakfast/lunch to be within walking distance.

Last time we visited, we went to Monterey Bay Fish Grotto, Habitat, and Primanti Brothers.

We're pretty flexible on price (anything from a diner/dive to high end), and we love Perogies, Pizza, Seafood, Burgers, American and Fusion cuisine.

I look forward to your recommendations!

Thanks so much in advance.

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  1. Just down the posts under "Serious Question" one can find diverse opinions on the good and the bad of Pittsburgh restaurants. I would expect some responsible informed Hounds will directly address your question also, thus adding substance and information to that often strangely combative dialog. Although I have never been to your fair city I have heard from colleagues that both the city and its restaurants are top notch. As a less than frequent visitor to Pittsburgh I can not recommend nor provide very current information. Good Luck!

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      Thanks for your reply. If you do end up venturing to Toronto, I'd be happy to provide some recommendations. We're pretty proud of our city and foodie scene as well :)

    2. For lunch, I like Winghart's in Market Square, or Penn Avenue Fish Company just off Market Square at 308 Forbes Avenue. And there's a new pizza place near Point Park, Stone Neapolitan. Just writing this, I think I'm having pizza for lunch. Thanks.

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        Thank you! I actually shortlisted Penn Avenue Fish Company myself. I will check out your other suggestions.

        Any idea of where I can get pierogies? I've heard Pittsburgh is well known for them!

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          Actually, if you go to the Strip District location of Penn Avenue Fish Company, there's a pierogi place right next door.

          This isn't really walking distance from downtown, but it's only one neighborhood away.

      2. I'd definitely try Bluebird Kitchen for breakfast (or lunch), just off Market Square. I've heard Stone is good and by time you're here Il Pizzaiolo will have opened in Market Sq as well - consistently ranked among top 100 pizzerias in US.

        Wingharts has good burgers. They had a fire. I think they'll be reopened by time you get here. If not, search out a Burgatory. I'd suggest Tamari as a good place for fusion, but there are others. Mentioning that one as that part of Lawrenceville is pretty cool. Best cappuccino in town just a block up at Espresso a Mano. On the way there you can stop at SM Polish Deli for pierogi - or for a real treat, stop up in Polish Hill at Gooski's for pierogi while dining in one of the diviest bars in town (great jukebox and beer selection though).

        1. You have a nice selection of casual restaurants within walking distance from your hotel. Aside from Market Square (I enjoy NOLA there) if you walk up Penn Avenue one of the first places is Meat and Potato's, which has great food in a nice bar setting. For a more upscale feel, Nine on Nine is just a couple of blocks further.

          Also, there is a subway station very close to your hotel, and you can take it to the North Shore, for no charge, believe it or not. There are several moderate restaurants there along with a casino, if you like that kind of thing.

          1. I'm more concerned about you visiting the best for dinner. Pittsburgh is a small city, make sure you get to one of these places.

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