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Nov 7, 2012 07:23 AM

Pizza near Radio City Music Hall

Looking for pizza (lunch) within easy walking distance of Radio City.
I've searched the Manhattan board a bit and Motorino was mentioned. Is this the best? Is it really walking distance? Any other suggestions?

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  1. Motorino is nowhere near Radio City.... probably a 50 block walk.

    Midtown Lunch is a good place to start:

    1. Don Antonio on 50th between 8th and 9th is approximately 33 blocks closer than Motorino and is quite good. Pizza Arte is on 55th between 5th and 6th and is also good, but I don't care as much for the space.

      1. John's of Bleecker St has a place in the Times Square area W 44 St. Bleecker St location is excellent. Don't know about the W 44 St place.

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          The West 44th John's is not good.

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            I am sure you are right. I thought maybe some of the quality of the W Village location was passed on. Times Square is a vast wasteland of mediocre food for the masses of tourists who don't seem to get out and experience the real flavor of NYC even though it is so easy to get around.

        2. Personally, PizzArte is definitely the best in the area.. 55th and 6th av

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