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Nov 7, 2012 05:05 AM

Stretcher meals for strip loin?

I have read a few posts recently warning against using some more expensive cuts as replacements for cheaper ones. I'm sure the idea is ridiculous for those that have a wide variety of cuts to choose from, but I sometimes have to buy meat from a grocer rather than the local farm we usually buy large quantities. They generally don't carry the cheaper free range or larger cuts, and I ended up buying 2 very large, fat on "filets" (strip loin, I believe?). My husband wants brisket type meat to enjoy for several days while I'm out of town. Will this be a fiasco, tough and tasteless? The price of the cut is irrelevant, since it was the cheapest of what was available. I don't want to cut it into steaks, but want to braise or BBQ or slow cook. Would it be better if I cubed it rather than cooking whole? Suggestions?

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  1. You can't take strip loin and treat it like a long braising meat like brisket. It will basically disintegrate and lose all it's flavour. That cut is very tender, so you're going to want to do dry high heat cooking. If you don't want to make steaks, then get it cold and slice thin. Quick sear in the pan with some salt and pepper and you got great steak sandwiches.

    You can also do good stir fry's with it.

    Remember to cut ACROSS the grain though.