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Nov 7, 2012 04:32 AM

Help! Boss wants recs for any new(ish) steakhouse/nice rest in midtown for lunch.

Hey guys,

My boss asked me to find a new restaurant in midtown for lunch. The types of places that she has been before include: sparks, the palm, ben bensens, mccormick, and capitl grill. As you can tell, she is okay with something on the pricier side, and likes meat. Any suggestions? Has any new steakhouse type place or other upscale place opened that is good for lunch, relatively close to midtown?

Thanks in advance.

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    1. re: bifpocaroba

      Of all the fabulous steak places in Manhattan I'll never go back to S&W. Expensive and mediocre.
      The Palm and Palm 2 are close by and excellent.

      1. re: Motosport

        Ahhh Patty Ford and the crew always treat you right at S&W. Been going here for 20 years and never had a bad experience. Matter of fact Ill be there tonight. Have 'em mix you up an order of roast beef hash, you'll never regret it.

        1. re: bifpocaroba

          I expect the mildly "surly" streak hous service but in three tries I have never had a great steak there.
          Palm, Keens, Gallaghers, Lugers, Old Homestead are so much better.

    2. What do mean by "new"? Opened in the past year, or just newer than classic places like Keens?

      If the latter, then Quality Meats.

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      1. re: crsin

        Thanks all. By "new" I definitely mean in the last year. She has been to Quality Meats before. She also really liked Maize, so if there is anything similar that is on the relatively new side that'd be great, even though it's not a steakhouse.

      2. Make sure you tell her that it is not a personal recommendation but that some stranger on the internet suggested it. that way, if she doesn't ike it, it's not your fault.