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Nov 7, 2012 03:22 AM

UES Mayor visiting Dec 6-9th! Recs please!!

Your's truly will be in Beantown and would love to hear your best recs for dinner. Prefer upscale but not too dressy. One night will have a 1 and 3yr old and couple of grown ups who like great and sort of fancy but not quiet and stuffy. Want fun food and atmosphere where a couple of kids will be welcome. Love places that have large bar seating prior to dinner so I can get sloshed. Will be staying at Copely Sq so somewhere walking distance would be great but willing to cab it for the right place. Another night will be only with grown up freinds who like to wear jeans and casual wear soa place that we won't be too underdressed but over the top food and drinks is what I am looking for. Thank you once again!!!!

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        What I ended up doing: One night I had dinner at No. 9 Park. Was gramercyfoodie's idea and it did not dissappoint! The tastiest pork chops and so succulent. I even reached over to gramercyfoodie's plate to finish her portion since she eats like a bird. This was my first time ther-quite lovely and very nice staff!. Another night we had dinner in Brookline at a popular place called Lineage. Solid basic food-had the hamburger but couldn't finish it sinec I ate so many of their delicious French Fries-not your typical fries-slight kick to em. I tried as many clam choders as I could over the weekend and in order of preference, my top choices: Legal Seafood-outstanding!, Union Oyster House-not as rich as Legal's but great chunks of clams and it felt so good to sit on the U shaped bar that has so much history. Turner's used to be my favorite but their's was just ok-lacks the depth and "chowderness" from back in the day-I swear it was much better then. Last was Boston Chowder Co.-Too basic for my fine palate-but would buy in a pinch. BTW I came across a street vendor called McCrea's slow cooked handcrafted caramels at the holiday market at downtown crossing. Very good caramels which I'm slowly enjoying bit by bit back home. Find him at a shill but da truth!! it's great-that's all for now. Merry Christmas!

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          Thanks - glad to see a followup. The more detailed your reports, the better your feedback will be!

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            wasn't that detailed enought? sheesh!!! u Bostonians are so needy!

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              Your reply reminds me why we jump to help you so much.

              Relax. enh was actually saying thanks for the report back.

    1. I'll just suggest that children are generally not allowed to sit at the bar, so getting sloshed might be a better option for day 2.

      Bar dining is an available option pretty much everywhere here. Jeans also can be worn just about everywhere.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. For over-the-top, both L'Espalier and Clio are walking distance from Copley Square.

          Eastern Standard is a long walk, but has a terrific bar and good French bistro-y food.

          If you want to stay closer to Copley, Dexuave and Towne are probably your best bets. Personally, I would much prefer to head across the bridge into Cambridge, and have dinner at Craigie on Main, Bondir, Oleana, Hungry Mother, Salts, Ten Tables, Catalyst, Bergamot, Evoo or West Bridge.