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Nov 7, 2012 01:14 AM

curry zone on hastings

has anyone else tried it? I took out one nice -- got the daal and garlic naan. the daal was well spiced but had way way way too much cream/ghee in it, and it was so piping hot, it clearly had been microwaved. The naan was decent but way too soft--perhaps from steam from the tinfoil wrap it was in? it smells really great outside the place, fresh spices, so I'm inclined to try it again.. oh and what's up with them not including rice w/ entrees? vancouver pricing is ridiculous as usual.

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  1. The lunch specials are an ok deal.
    I did try the chicken wrap last week and it was pretty aweful .. it was dowsed in what tasted like spicy ketchup. I did hear the microwave going off !
    The thali's include rice and naan and are around $8-9 and were not bad.
    Nothing to write home about but its a quick lunch worthy place.