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Nov 6, 2012 11:55 PM

Red Deer: Addy's Middle Eastern Cuisine

Bonafide Shish Tawouk in Red Deer!

If you pass by Addy's, it's storefront ad (which covers the windows and the door) is hard to miss. This little gem has only three tables, so if it gains in popularity, lunch might be standing room only.

The Shish Tawouk plate($12) came with two chicken breast skewers that I saw grilled over open flame, rice, pita, some of the best tabbouleh I've had in a long time and a can of pop. They also offer lamb, kebbe, falafel, shawrma, yallanji, and a host of other goodies. I think they expect most of their traffic to be take out (or maybe catering?) We ordered to eat in but still received our food in foam takeaway containers-now the portions are generous so maybe they figured we'd ask for a doggy bag for leftovers and decided to save us the trouble. :)

Addy's: #2 3608 50th Ave, Red Deer. (West side off Gaetz about 3 blocks north of the Sheraton/former Capri hotel)

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