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Nov 6, 2012 07:44 PM

best cacio e pepe / late night meal

Heading to Italy in 2 days.
Looking for the best cacio e pepe close to campo de fiori for lunch on saturday.

Also looking for a good casual dinner location for a dinner around 11 pm Friday night close to the Pantheon.

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  1. right there in the Campo is Roscioli - some folks like theirtonnarelli cacio e pepe a lot. Place is strong on high quality ingredients (we have not tried- they seem to have online reservations now for lunch) If you want a cheaper meal, we liked the (thick) homemade fettucine with cacio e pepe at Sora Margherita, in the Ghetto nearby, no res needed, get there early and take a number.

    In fact, cacio pepe is a pretty simple dish and most of the good traditional restaurants, in my experience, will do it well. I like the versions with the fresh pastas (tonnarelli and fettucine) best.

    1. Ditirambo, just off the Campo, serves a very good cacio e pepe. Roscioli, at the other end of the Campo, has a decent version as well.

      If it were my dime, I'd go to Ditirambo for the cacio e pepe and Roscioli for their signature pasta carbonara, maybe the best in the city. I've been going to both places for years, neither are fancy. Reservations are a good idea. Make them in-person so you get a handle on their structural modesty.

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        Here's a second vote for the cacio e pepe at Ditirambo, near the Campo dei Fiori.

      2. I agree that Dittirambo is a great choice. I also love Settimio al Pellegrino. Sora Margherita does take reservations if you stop by personally and make them. They do cacio e pepe with fresh pasta through. While excellent, it's not what everyone likes. They also do a version of cacio e pepe with a dollop of ricotta on top, which I like a lot.

        I'm also a fan of Gigetto. I like their cacio e pepe, but prefer their carbonara.

        If you want to go a bit more upscale Pompiere is very nice. Right across the street from Sora Margherita.

        1. @LukeS, you wrote:

          "Also looking for a good casual dinner location for a dinner around 11 pm Friday night close to the Pantheon."

          In my experience, that is very late for kitchens to be open in Rome. If you can eat earlier, then Armando al Pantheon a few steps from the Pantheon is the best choice. If you can't eat earlier, then my recommendation would be to head over to Lo Zozzone, off the piazza Navona on via del Teatro Pace. It makes pizza bianca and stuffs it with many different kinds of fillings, and it is a substantial hunger-smack down. It has one tiny table outside but otherwise it is food to go. You may not sit in the piazza Navona and eat.

          Other people who are Rome regulars might know of other places serving late, or help you pick through list of late night options (I've not eaten at any of them):

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            It seems to me from prior researches that some of the wine bars were still serving late.but hopefully one of our Roman residents will perk up with a recommendation.

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              Thank you for the info! We are going to be flying in tomorrow night and by the time we make it into rome it’s going to be around 11 pm. Normally I wouldn’t care but since our time in Rome is so limited I would rather not just grab something that I’m not excited about.

              Doesnt need to be a full sit down meal - more of good late night snack. something special

              Thanks again!

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                If your plane is late, then remember Lo Zozzone is pretty much open 24 hours a day. It closes for 1 hour, I believe, in the wee hours, but I am not sure which hour that is. It has a website, I think.

                In general, if you meander in the back streets near the piazza Navona on a Friday night you are likely to find bars open, thronged with people. Likewise, Campo de'Fiori -- and that will go on 'til the wee hours. You may be reduced to bar snacks, but you will find food -- or food will be found for you by sympathetic staff. I can't promise you it will be the greatest food you can eat in Rome, but the whole experience will be "special."

            2. I personally have not eaten here, but a couple years ago when I asked the same question (late night meal near Pantheon) I was given the suggestion of Mimi e Coco, which I believe is very nearby on Via Governo Vecchio. If you manage to arrive just a little earlier, I second the rec. for Armando al Pantheon.