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Nov 6, 2012 07:38 PM

NYC Restaurant Suggestions for office Holiday dinner

I am looking for suggestions for a restaurant in NYC for our office holiday dinner. We will be a party of 10. Price is really not an issue. My only request would be a restaurant more on the quiet side. It doesn't have to be silent but a couple of times we had dinner it places that were so loud there was no chance of holding a conversation. All suggestions welcome.

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  1. Babbo ( upstairs more quiet), Tocqueville, Jungsik ( they will adjust tables to seat 10.)

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    1. re: foodwhisperer

      Babbo is good but can't accommodate parties larger than 6.

      If price isn't an issue, a small private room would probably be your best bet for a party of 10. If you can specify your cuisine preference, level of formality, or the restaurants that your group has tried in the past, you'd get more relevant suggestions. Your options include:

      Per Se
      Cafe Boulud
      The Harrison
      Blue Ribbon Bakery
      The Dutch

      1. re: peter j

        I agree. The Harrison would be an excellent choice.

        1. re: peter j

          Thanks for the suggestions. We have most recently been to Cafe Boulud, davidburke townhouse, Del Posto and Park Avenue Winter. That gives you an idea of the types of restaurants and cuisines we have tried. If any others come to mind, I would really appreciate it.

          1. re: Kikib55

            Atlantic Grill in Lincoln Center is a good place for an office dinner. One side is the noisy, congested side and the other side is more staid and quiet. Make sure to enter through the 65th & Broadway street entrance rather than the 64th.