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Nov 6, 2012 06:41 PM

Lisbon food itinerary for comment please

Thurs - Lunch at Principe Do Calhariz, Dinner at 100 Maneiras

Fri - Lunch at G-spot (Sintra), dinner at O Ramiro

Sat - Lunch at Largo, Dinner at either Rubro Avenida or Belcanto

Sun - Lunch at Beira Gare (we are going to Porto this day)

Sun - Thurs (in Porto)

Thurs - Taberna Ideal or Belcanto dor dinner

Fri - our last day and lunch [?]

Grateful for any thoughts and/or suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. If you can afford it and it is nice day, I suggest you head over to the Yeatman for your lunch in Porto. We found Porto a tougher spot than Lisbon (or other places we visited in Portugal) for snagging a fun meal. While we only had port cocktails at the Yeatman (delicious!), we so enjoyed the ambience, we would have risked a meal. But in the land of marvelously cheap eats that Portugal is, the Yeatman sticks out for its budget-unfriendly prices, and I have heard (perhaps incorrectly), Sunday is the chef's day off. And only go if it is a nice day because the view is partly what justifies the tab.


    I so enjoyed my super-cheap meal of roast chicken at Bom Jardim in Lisbon, that maybe if you make that your Friday lunch, a bit of a splurge at the Yeatman would work for you. (I hiked up the hill to get to the Yeatman terrace for cocktails, but noticed later that the tram runs right by it, so call the Yeatman ahead of time if you decide to go for how to get there without a taxi).

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      you are correct about the Yeatman. We had 2 lunches there in June; The first one on Saturday was so fantastic that we booked for the "Special Sunday lunch" the next day. There was nothing special about the food (set menu, no choices) but the view was still fantastic. Only 6 tables for lunch and they refused anybody who had not booked...
      So avoid Sunday, and have a great lunch; They do deserve their Michelin star, and obviously the prices match the quality.
      I like Foz Velha for quality / value.

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        I now realize I read misochi's post to too fast and there are days other than Sunday they will be there. I was not greatly enthused by Foz Velha. It was uneven to me, and a long way out of town, but problem is I wasn't able to find anything better or that even looked better in my brief stay in the fascinating city of Porto.

        I will say that I really disliked the looks of the eating scene along the waterfront of both sides of the river. Extremely touristy, and the places themselves seemed cramped and uninviting, with lots of tourists milling by so close, they were almost brushing up against tables.

    2. Re Sintra: Had a good meal last week in the new restaurant at the Pena Palace.
      For tops, look at the Fin's Club at Quinta Magnolia in Cascais: http://www.quinta-magnolia.com/englis... Worth the trip if you have wheels.

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        Monchique, do you recommend going to Belcanto?

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          I have not been yet. As mentioned in another post, I was not impressed by the "Cantinho d'Avillez" but If Jose Avillez is at his best in Belcanto, as he seems to be, the cuisine should be superb (as it was when he ran "Tavares"). I read very good reviews, but prices are high. If you go there, please report.

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            For me Belcanto is one of the best restaurants in Lisbon. In fact is among my top 3 in town, although is the most expensive (either for lunch or dinner). My personal best is Assinatura, then Alma (maybe the cheapest one among this three) and then Belcanto (mainly because the price, a tasting menu with normal wine could cost 110-120€ per person)