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Nov 6, 2012 06:02 PM

The Frog and the Peach

Haven't been there for several years and wonder if it still remains a fine dining place since it changed ownership

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  1. Have not been there since the change of ownership but the chef bought It so I would expect it to be as good as always.

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      Thanks for your response. I shall make a rez.

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        I hope you did make that rez and had a wonderful time at The Frog and the Peach. In Sept I was staying at the Heldridge with some friends. We called and got reservations for the Frog & Peach. The reservation was early in the evening and they were running a little behind but when we got seated not only was the food wonderful but the service was extraordinary, very friendly and warm. No attitude. The very next night we went to Stage Left. I was there only once before when it first opened and I was treated like a queen. Well this night we were given a last minute early rez. We arrived on time and they weren't ready for us yet. In fact they were watering plants with buckets filled with used water while guests were waiting. Our experience there was pathetic. The food of course was lovely and at times sparse. Two of use ordered straight from the entree menu and the other two got the sampling. No one told us about the timing issue. Not only did we spend almost 4 hours waiting anxiously (and hungrily) for our food. The service was terrible, chaotic and rude. We spent about $500.00 for this abuse. The food isn't that spectacular to endure such awful service. On server just about jumped down my companions throat when she asked a question. Two friends did write directly to the owners. There response was insincere and cold. He offered my friend a free dessert should she return. She won't. But the Frog and the that is a cherished memory. Also at the Frog & Peach try the pureed cauliflower....wonderful

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          unfortunately, food is nothing special for the prices (not bad, per se, just not memorable) and with better restaurants in surrounding areas/towns, its not worth the hassle

        2. I have always been amazed with the arrogant and condescending treatment rendered to the guests at Stage Left. It is amazing that they still get guests.

          What I have also noticed is that the dining experience has declined in New Brunswick over the past 5 years. It appears that Princeton now has the crown of the best dining in central New Jersey.