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Nov 6, 2012 06:00 PM

pumpkin custard/pumpkin pudding

I make pretty good pies. a few relatives really like pumpkin pie, but i noticed that over the last three years (as we all watch our waistlines grow) that more and more of the family eats the filling and leaves the crust behind. I don't see any particular reason to go to all the effort of making crust just to see it tossed in the trash. I'll save all that work for the apple and pecan pie instead.

Going on line i tried looking for pumpkin pudding or pumpkin custard, and all i got were recipes for pumpkin pie. anybody have any suggestions, recipes, whatever for a crustless pumpkin filling? Do I just make it as usual and bake it in a casserole dish?

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  1. I have baked regular pie filling in ramikins, and it's come out great. I haven't tried this recipe, but it is specifically for pudding. It cooks on the stovetop, then in the oven.

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      1. Just make your regular pumpkin pie recipe without the crust. Do it on one pie pan or several ramekins. It's very forgiving. Same things as with regular pie as far as knowing what it is finished.

        I always had extra filling and baked the rest in ramekin and hubby seemed to like that more so I think I might as well just start making it all like that.

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          I have been wanting to do that for a long time but have always been afraid of ruining the pie. Are there any adjustments I should make regarding the temperature and time? Nobody eats pie crust anymore and that seems like the perfect solution.

        2. when I was a kid I didn't eat pie crust, but looooooved pumpkin pie filling - my grandmother would always make extra pumpkin pie filling and cook it in a casserole dish alongside the pie. came out great. :)