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Nov 6, 2012 05:24 PM


Hey everyone,

as vegan and vegetarian thanksgiving rolls around, I wondered what everyone is making and if anyone had any ideas they would like to share. I'm working on a gluten free stuffing and pie crusts this year.

These looked good:

I also have a recipe for butternut cashew cream soup, but I don't exactly have the measurements worked out yet.

What else is everyone making?

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  1. When I was a vegan, one of our go-to TG dishes was pumpkin or butternut squash roasted, then stuffed with wild rice and herbs. We'd sprinkle some grated mochi on it and pop it under the broiler to mimic cheesy breadcrumbs. Another nice dish is pecan-encrusted tofu with a vegan gravy and mashed potatoes. This is very much like the recipe I used to use: .

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        1. I like making vegan gravy for our thanksgiving dinner - it makes the meal seem more "meaty". I'm not a vegetarian, but we do veggie a tradition that started when my sister was a vegetarian. Having to please the meat eaters at the meal, we figured the gravy really makes things more "turkey" like. I make it with mushrooms, wine, lots of herbs, a little cornstarch, onions, etc.

          1. always make a stuffed vegetable of some sort. This year my grandson asked for Portobellos, so it will be portos with swiss chard, quinoa, and either pine nuts or walnuts. I am thinking of starting with a 'creamed' cauliflower soup. Then for sides we will do roasted beets with a mustard sherry vinagrette, a chestnut saute, and some roasted kabochas. Maybe some stuffed onions too. Brussel sprout salad and a apple celery slaw. Desserts will be tofu-pumpkin pudding, a 'caramel' cream for my caramel addled grandson, poached pears and maybe an apple tart.