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Nov 6, 2012 04:11 PM

best fun bar for college chums to gather around the holidays. note: we graduated in 1985

We are getting together a group of college pals around the holidays and are looking for a low key, non touristy but fun bar downtown, Back Bay or South End. Can't be too loud, or too crowded. Trying to go for a fun bar atmosphere and avoid getting stuck at the "long table". Suggestions? Thursday December 27.

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  1. How big a group? (Also I don't understand what you mean about getting stuck at the long table.)

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    1. The # of people does matter but some that come to mind are Gallows, Union, Estragon, South End Foley's, Marliave.

      1. "Chums" made me smile... :)

        1. I'm having a bit of a chuckle trying to imagine an un-crowded fun bar atmosphere you can bring your crowd to.

          1. "Long table" means not everyone sitting at one long table.
            Group size - 12ish I hope.
            I like the sound of "chums" too.
            Lively bar - great! Large crowd and jockeying to get a beer - not great.
            Do-able, yes?! Thanks

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              I stand by my recs, actually am the only one who gave a recommendation. A couple others might be Audobon by Kenmore Sq., West on Centre in West Rox, Hops n Scotch in Coolidge Corner.