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Nov 6, 2012 04:08 PM

One Saturday dinner and Sunday lunch in Denver - what are the Denver icons we must try?

Looking for the BEST of Denver regardless of cuisine type and price range (high or low).

Been to Fruition, Sushi Den and The Kitchen last time we were out there.
Boulder is too far.
As is Colorado Springs.
Also, went to Lao Wang and Pho Duy for amazing soup dumplings and pho, so don't need S. Federal recommendations this time around.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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  1. On Sundays, many restaurants typically offer brunch rather than lunch, so you might want to consider brunch, such as at one of Denver's breakfast-focused restaurants. I LOVE Lucile's, especially their the beignets and the rice pudding porridge. Snooze is also popular and has several locations. I ate at both on a recent visit and enjoyed Lucile's more than Snooze.

    If you want something more savory and less breakfast-focused for Sunday lunch, you may want to eat a little later, as some places don't open till mid-afternoon. You may want to check out the topic I created in which I solicited suggestions for Sunday mid-afternoon dining:

    Denver Area - Great Food on a Sunday Mid-Afternoon -

    I ended up eating at Euclid Hall, which opens at 2 pm on Sundays, and LOVED it too.

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    1. re: nsxtasy

      Thanks for the suggestions, nsxtasy!

      We wanted to go to Euclid Hall last time but didn't get the chance, so it seems like a perfect idea particularly because, like you, we will also be heading to the airport late afternoon.

      If you have any ideas for standout for dinner, please let me know.


      1. re: monab

        In case you get to Euclid Hall, one thing I especially enjoyed was the s'mores pot de creme for dessert.

        >> If you have any ideas for standout for dinner, please let me know.

        I'm not local and I'm sure the locals know more than I do. HOWEVER, I was trying to identify the best, most creative, most interesting places for my recent trip. I wound up eating dinners at the Penrose Room in Colorado Springs and the Flagstaff House in Boulder. I know you said Colorado Springs and Boulder are too far, but on a Saturday, Boulder is only about 40 minutes away; the Flagstaff House is amazing, for its food as well as the view (it's perched on a cliff overlooking the city and it's all windows). The "also rans" that were on my list but I didn't get to were Frasca (also in Boulder), Fruition (which you've been to), and Kevin Taylor (in Denver). Another place that gets a lot of praise is Rioja, but it's from the same folks as Euclid Hall, so you might not want to do both on the same trip.

        That's all I got. HTH. And hopefully the locals can chime in with more advice.

        1. re: nsxtasy

          Rioja and Euclid Hall are indeed owned by the same chef, but are very very different in food and atmosphere. I don't think you'd feel like you were getting the same thing twice at all.

    2. Linger in the Highlands is awesome.

      1. Thanks everyone!
        I was definitely considering Rioja and Kevin Taylor.
        We will have been driving all day by the time we get to Denver, so I don't think we'll be in the mood to drive another 40 min for Fruition - although it is definitely on my hit list for another visit!
        Also - anyone read this list?
        (so annoying that the list is not on one page!)
        Any opinion on whether we should go to any of these over Rioja or Kevin Taylor (which I noticed didn't feature...)?

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          I assume you mean Frasca, not Fruition, in that last post?

          I don't get out often enough to comment on those restaurants vs Rioja or Kevin Taylor, but I wouldn't worry, you've got two good choices. If you're driving all day, I think Rioja may be a better choice just because it's more casual. It's still fine dining in a very nice atmosphere, it's just a little less "traditional stuffy fine dining" which I imagine might be more comfortable after being in a car all day.