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Nov 6, 2012 03:27 PM

Italian in New Haven?

Hi Hounds,

I'm taking friends out for a nice thank you dinner this weekend. They are not adventurous eaters, so I figure Italian is safe. I'm leaning toward Tre Scalini, but I haven't been there in ages and when I looked at the menu, I was not inspired. Does anyone have recent experience at Tre Scalini or other options for me to consider?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Excellent alternatives include L'Orcio on State St. ( and Skappo in Ninth Square ( The latter is an intimate family run place with a few small tables and two long ones you might find yourself sharing. Interesting and good but not "challenging" food. A more unusual experience than most Italian places, but if you want something more conventional, go to L’Orcio.

    1. I was gonna throw Goodfellas into the mix, but the Skappa menu looks very nice, and nicely priced. I haven't been to Scalini in a while either, but I sure can't call the offerings "uninspiring." You can't go wrong with any of linguist's choices

      1. I'd like to put in a good word for Adriana's. Have never had a bad meal there over several years.

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        1. Part of the fun of Tre Scalini is that their apps are such large portions you can share them family style. We don't know how many friends you are entertaining, but the more the merrier. They always have seductive daily specials, too. Parking can be a challenge.

          1. I have been to Tre Scalini every few months for the past several years. It is the default meeting spot for my wife and her parents if neither feels like traveling too far - NH is roughly equidistant between our town and theirs.

            We go there for precisely the reasons you referenced. My in-laws are not adventurous eaters, and my mother-in-law can be (even more of) a pain if there is a glitch with the food or service. Tre Scalini has a pleasant setting with competent servers and valet parking. The menu is full of Italian-American classics, and their specials tend to be more innovative or seasonal.

            Before each visit my kids, wife and I wonder whether we shouldn't book one of the other many fine restaurants in NH. Then we consider what could go wrong if we deviate from the approved routine, and gladly opt for Tre Scalini. It is appropriate for a celebration and it doesn't disappoint. I agree that it is not on the cutting edge, or inspirational, but it delivers a consistent dining experience.