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Nov 6, 2012 03:27 PM

Willows Inn Restaurant - Lummi Island

What an amazing experience... and I have Chowhound to thank for it (this is where I read about it).

Definitely our best dining experience in our Pacific Northwest tour (San Juans, Seattle, Portland) and worthy of anyone who loves food, specifically fine dining food experiences.

People who stay a night at the Inn get priority for a reservation.

One of the reasons why the dining experience is so amazing is because of the surroundings is so remote, so serene and the food is a mirror image of being on this amazing ecosystem. Its like taking local-vore cuisine and being so truly dedicated to this concept. Majority of the protein and vegetables come from the island (Nettle's Farm) or the surrounding waters.

Won't really go into the menu because it does change and want to let the experience speak for itself but of note, Blaine Wetzel and his team LOVE to smoke anything. I would say at least half or not more of the meal had a smokey overtone which was great because as we drove up, we saw several of the chefs smoking in the little house to the side of the kitchen. Spot prawn season is in the summer and we were bummed we missed that. We met Blaine Wetzel after dinner although he does walk out and serve throughout the meal. He's the nicest guy, super down to earth, which made the meal that much cooler!

Breakfast at the Willows Inn was AMAZING! I think its funny when people want to compare the breakfast with the preceding dinner... they are such different meals and breakfast is definitely above average when it comes to bed and breakfast quality breakfasts.. ingredients fresh, had some lovely local apple cider and fresh pomegranate granola with yogurt.

Do it! Come to Lummi Island and get on this amazing dining experience. Dinner in 10/2012 was $150/pp excluding tax/tip.

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree. I posted on one of the other threads too but I wanted to chime in that I agree, it's an amazing experience, maybe the best meal I've ever had (it's either this or Per Se--I can't decide). We are going again in April.

    Luckily I haven't seen people compare dinner and breakfast--that's pretty sillyl.

    I still cannot forget the potatoes with lovage at breakfast, or the scone. I am ruined for all other scones now.