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Nov 6, 2012 03:21 PM

Good eats at Evergreen Brickworks Farmers Market?

Any recommendations?

Vendors list:

Thank you!

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  1. The current fave with us the the breakfast crepe from the crepe guy. Ham, cheese, egg, hollandaise. Excellent!

    The apple beignets and the waffles from the waffle bar are also excellent.

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    1. The market is now on it's winter schedule and indoor location, in the past there was no "local food court" as part of the winter setup and there has been a significant reduction in the prepared food options.

      If the pattern repeats from last winter season it will initially be limited to the the Fry guys (Micha Kennedy et al), soup from the Augie's people and Quesidillas from Chocosol and the waffle bar. When the skating rink starts up they will add a couple more vendors, last year they sometimes had Hooked doing fishy things and Tiffinday (go for theTimpah rolls if they have them). But the crepes and burritos and sandwiches are done until spring.

      Oh, sometimes at Sosnicki's produce stand Jesse sells her homemade Perogies, you want to get in on that for sure

      Closer to Christmas you'll also want to hit the Marvellous Edibles Farm stand, some of us long in the tooth folks will remember when Jens and Ayse used to have a restaurant and bakery in the city, Ayse was the pastry chef and she still puts out some amazing baked stuff around the holidays.

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        I was there last Saturday and Clements Crepes will be indoors this coming week (not sure about whole winter).

        Also definitely recommend Sosnicki's perogies - Jesse said she hasn't had time to make any yet, but will once winter gets here.

        Recommend Marvellous Edibles as well - love their fresh bratwurst

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          Now that you mention it Tim did sell through the whole winter last year. My bad.

          1. re: fluke17

            Sosnicki also does really good cabbage rolls as well! Looking forward to those being back.

        2. I was there for Day of the Dead last weekend and spent most of the time looking at food I didn't want to spend too much money on. $5 for a microscopic, unappetizing looking taco? No thanks. $10 on a burrito with stringy-looking chicken? Pass. However, the apple fritters and the churros were delicious and well-proced

          1. Thanks everybody for the suggestions! Any idea what the parking situation would be like this weekend? I'll be sleeping in so likely driving in around noon :) b