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Nov 6, 2012 02:57 PM

Crescent City Classic Cocktails

I'm planning a bachelorette party in Nola for Dec. 29th. I'm familiar with the area, but want some outside opinions/views :) I'm planning dinner, then a Classic Cocktail tour that features traditional drinks in Nola. As most of the other girls are from out of state, I want them to see a side of the city that not a lot of tourists see. I want to do four classy bars that offer different drinks. So, that's where I need y'all! If you could pick 4-5 places in the Quarter to highlight for drinks, where would it be and what would you order?! Also, please put them in sequential order on where you would begin/end. We would like to end on Bourbon! Thank you!!

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  1. You have to go to the Sazerac Bar in the Roosevelt Hotel 123 Baronne St - just outside the Quarters - a Ramos Gin Fizz is the drink to have there

    Carousel Bar in the Hotel Monteleone on Bienville between Chartres and Royal

    Arnauds French 75 - also on Bienville - but there may be cigars involved

    Bar Tonique - 820 North Rampart St

    It's way way down in the Bywater, but Maurepas Foods has one of the best bars in town - 3200 Burgundy St

    Remember - Hurricanes and Hand Grenades are for tourists -

    classic NO cocktails include Sazeracs, Ramos Gin Fizzes, Vieux Carres, Pimm's Cups, French 75s

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      Thank you! I was thinking:

      Napoleon House - Pimm's Cup
      Carousel Bar - Vieux Carre
      Sazerac Bar - Sazarec Bar

      Where is the best Ramos Gin Fizz?!

      1. re: alicia_d84

        best Ramos Fizz is at the Sazerac Bar - Restaurant R'evolution has a bar and they make a version of a Sazerac with cognac and absinthe, instead of the usual rye and herbsaint - it's excellent

      2. re: nynola

        That's a good list. I'd add Sylvain and Perestroika, both in the Quarter.

        If you make it to Maurepas, the place across the street -- Suis Generis -- has what a number of my friends claim is the best bloody mary around. It's not a NOLA classic exactly but I've noticed a lot of folks ask here (and in real life) where to get a good one. Anyhow, SG's is thick and luscious, almost like gazpacho and damn flavorful.