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Nov 6, 2012 02:57 PM

Any good pizza in Hell's Kitchen?

Not by the slice, but individual Neopolitan or similar type pizza in a sit down restaurant. Thanks.

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  1. lazzara's on 38th street. not 'neopolitan,' but old school new york. square pies are among manhattan's best. a small, but comfy dining room.

    1. This is my old hood and I have to say that it's not the greatest place in the city for Pizza. But for sitting down, there is this joint that I always wanted to try:

      Looks like a sharp/casual dining area inside.

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        Zigolini's is very good Neopoltian style pizza. Nice casual wine bar ambience.

      2. Oh -- how could I forget? There is now Don Antonio serving authentic Neapolitan pizza on 50th St. They have restaurant seating.

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          definitely don antonio. i was a little surly because it displaced a sorta mediocre southeast asian place that had been there forever but was great for happy hour. just one visit dispelled that feeling, though.

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            We walked 16 blocks to Don Antonio last night in the snow storm. The food was great, but the service was, well, odd. The servers, who seemed to be in training, had no personality but got the order right which is really what counts. Servers and busboys all very efficient, maybe too efficient, clearing plates and glasses away just about the same moment we were done. The Italian manager who greeted us at the door and seated us tried to get us to eat at the bar; his demeanor was that mix of Italian charm/smarminess that one encounters in Italy once in a while. We would have, but the only two seats left were directly in the path of the door and it was damn cold last night. I chalk most of this odd service up to the storm; I suspect they wanted to close earlier than 11pm (their posted closing time).

            We had a simple salad of mixed spring greens, prosciutto and artichoke hearts to start. Simply dressed with oil and a bit of vinegar, it was quite fresh and tasty. We both had out own pizza: I had one with pistachio pesto, sausage and mozzarella while my partner had one with tomato sauce, sopressata, olives and cheese. Both pizzas were delicious, fresh from the oven and cooked perfectly. The crust had just the right char on it and had a good chew to it. It definitely reminded me of the pizza I had in Naples. We will definitely go back again though when the weather is better.

          2. I was pleased with Tavola, 9th and 37/38 a few weeks ago

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              We were passing by Tavola the other day and stopped to look at the menu and the owner/manager or whoever came running out and tried to get us to come in like we were two tourists. It was kind of obnoxious and made me think, "'s that kind of place." The menu did look pretty good though.

              1. re: ttoommyy

                Oh no... I hope it does not turn into that kind of place. The food was so good, but I cannot STAND barkers that try to drag you in.

                I was thinking about going there tonight before seeing a movie. If they do try to drag me in, I will leave.

                1. re: iluvcookies

                  The guy came barreling out the door (he seemed to appear from nowhere) and said, "I can't believe you haven't tried Tavola yet! I have a perfect table for two." While holding the door open. I gave him a kind of look that pretty much summed up how I felt. He left us alone.

                  1. re: ttoommyy

                    Ugh... It's worse than I thought. If I wanted that kind of service, I'd go to Mullberry street. Thanks for the heads up.

            2. How is Capizzi (40th and 9th)? I saw a deal on Scoutmob recently. Never been, but itching to try. Sicilian (or Sicilian-ish) in nature, it sounds like.