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Nov 6, 2012 01:47 PM

Grimaldi's Pizza in Douglaston: Update, Please?

Anyone been lately? My food radar says "no", but how bad can it be?

I've already read plenty of posts from < 2010, so only recent reports, please.

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  1. I was there a few weeks ago. They make a decent pie. The crust is thin but not overwhelmed by lots of cheese or sauce. I enjoy this minimalist style of pizza where more is not always better. My wife, on the other hand, enjoys pizza with lots of sauce and cheese on it so she didn't enjoy it as much as I did. But next time, I would ask them to leave the pie in the oven longer so the bottom would be crispier.

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      I go there quite often. The service is cordial and swift and the thin-crust, slightly charred pizzas are first-rate.

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        That sounds just like I visualized. Less, but not necessarily less-as-more, and a reluctance to properly char (which could lead to complaints about burnt crust).

        Will4Food's done better, so there's hope.