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Kid friendly thanksgiving desserts

Besides pumpkin pie, what are some ideas for kid friendly thanksgiving desserts

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  1. apple pie, chocolate pie, banana cream pie, pie. ;)

    1. tzurris has the right idea, but also remember that kids adore individual snacks of any stripe. You could do mini-turnovers, or craft something in a cupcake-pan liner, like layers of cookie with pudding and a dabby of whipped cream atop. Hell, adults would love it too, it you matured it a little and used something like gingersnaps with a rum-pumpkin custard layer. When these sit for a day (cream on at the last) the cookies soften to the consistency of cake, and they're just delicious. Apple dumplings are another wonderful indie dessert, and the flavors are totally familiar and they generally get gobbled up, whether by the kids or their folks. And let's not forget the cake-pop, and mini-cupcakes!

      1. My all time favorite Thanksgiving dessert since I was a little tyke has been Sour Cream Apple Pie. It's not Thanksgiving without it!

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            plus 1, heck - plus 12. make it special with lots of topping options or just a bowl of good ice cream. the adults can eat it with their pies and tortes and fruits.

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              Ice cream is just "friendly" -- be you kid, adult, or just an adult refusing to grow up.

          2. - pumpkin cupcakes with maple cream cheese frosting
            - apple hand pies (or just miniature pies) with vanilla ice cream
            - pumpkin whoopie pies
            - turkey-shaped and decorated cookies
            - ice cream sandwiches (pumpkin cookies w/vanilla ice cream; ginger cookies w/vanilla or pumpkin ice cream)

            i guess it also depends on whether you want something separate for the kids, or a dessert that they'll enjoy along with the adults...

              1. When I was a kid, I don't think I ever came across a dessert I didn't consider "me-friendly." Except perhaps for Port.
                ; )

                1. Ohh, I saw something cool, and very kid-friendly (but again, I think all desserts are inherently kid-friendly).

                  Cupcakes baked in sugar cones, turned upside down, then add three pretzel sticks to the top (pointy part) of the cone, and use frosting to add a doorway. Cupcake teepees! Okay, so historically and politically awful, but cute and kid-friendly. :)

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                    Easier: Buy frozen ice cream cones, add the pretzels and the entry opening. Or, use the flat-bottomed wafer cones dipped in melted chocolate and decorated as Pilgrim hats, put a scoop of vanilla or caramel ice cream on the plate, top with the hat, use chocolate chips or raisins as eyes,
                    red licorice or maraschino cherry for mouths. Chocolate aerosol whipped topping or wonton strips for hair.

                  2. Barring allergies, I've never met a kid who didn't like chocolate chip or toll house cookies.
                    Or M&M cookies.
                    Or peanut butter oatmeal cookies.
                    Or....well, you know.

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                      I didn't like peanut butter desserts as a kid and I still don't really like them.

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                        yeah, i agree with melpy, from a young age i prefer you keep peanut butter out of baked goods. I like peanut butter sandwiches, I like peanut butter sauces, not so much peanut butter candies, but definitely not peanut butter cookies, cakes or pies.

                        and can someone tell me how to keep spellcheck from changing melpy to melty?

                    2. Aren't all desserts kid friendly for the most part? My kid has never met a dessert she wouldn't inhale.

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                        I don't know about that.

                        I would really enjoy, for dessert, a bowl of fruit drizzled with some aged balsamic vinegar and topped with creme fraiche. Not sure, my young nephew would feel the same.

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                          As a kid I hated pie. I especially didn't like the crust. Setimes I would eat the filling.

                          I think my mother would let us eat a Jello pudding cup while the adults had pie. I also remember Vienetta ice cream dessert sometimes.

                          1. re: melpy

                            wow. thank you so much for that awesome childhood memory trigger - Viennetta was SUCH a special favorite treat :)

                        2. I had a lot of texture issues when I was a kid, so things like baked fruit (like apple pie) didn't work for me. Pumpkin pie was a no. But I never turned down a slice of chocolate cream pie on a graham cracker crust, cake/cupcakes, or any kind of cookies (as long as there were no raisins in them).

                          1. Let the kids decorate and eat cookies.

                            1. Creme caramel. It's one of the things I make for Thanksgiving because I hate pumpkin pie -- yes, everyone, even *your* pumpkin pie -- and I remember that when they were kids, this one particular set of cousins used to love it.

                              When I was a kid, my grandmother made panna cotta every Thanksgiving (I come from a long and determined line of pumpkin pie haters), and there's nothing I loved more, except maybe the stuffing.

                              Though neither one has even a pinch of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, or mace in it, they're too similar texturally for most people to make both, but either is a welcome respite to the Spice Bomb.

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                                Haha: "even 'your' pumpkin pie,." I'm positive you'd just lovek mine. Why, oh why do people doooooooooo that?

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                                  Oh, I have a friend who wouldn't stop with that. And I tasted it. And it was just like all the other pumpkin pie out there. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh.

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                                  I hated pumpkin pie until I had the one they make in Central PA. They use longneck pumpkin and a little cinnamon. No other spices.

                                  Very light and almost refreshing. Not at all a spice bomb.

                                    1. re: Jay F

                                      Not suggesting you should try it. Just letting you know I sympathize. Never would have tried it myself if I wasn't being polite for new BF's family. I never knew there were different types of eating pumpkins..

                                3. Another hater of pumpkin pie weighing in.
                                  And as a kid I ~detested~ most cake.

                                  I thought the ideas for cookies and ice cream were the best. Keep it simple, and avoid pumpkin flavor at all cost--too much of that around at this time of the year!

                                  1. Icebox cake! Famous Chocolate Wafers by Nabisco and sweetened whipped cream layered into a log and then covered with cream. Make the night before and cookies become cake like. Had it since I was a kid (am 61 now) and it is always required by my children (now 30, 26 and 24). A great dessert to make with little or big kids.

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                                    1. re: twinsue

                                      Oh, I love that. My girlfriend used to make it because her mother used to make it. And I loved it.

                                      1. re: twinsue

                                        wunnerful wunnerful. whipped cream and chocolate, how can you go wrong. now I'm sure we will hear from someone who doesn't like and/or can't eat whipped cream, and someone else who just can't stand chocolate. Personally I have a mild chocolate allergy, but I deal with it a few time a year. Feel bad for those with a serious allergy to it.

                                      2. Brownies--and if you want to keep the pumpkin theme, you could do pumpkin swirl brownies. I'm another lifelong pumpkin pie hater, but when I was a kid, I guess I would have accepted pumpkin if there was chocolate involved.

                                        1. Are there really any desserts that *aren't* kids friendly. I guess ones with raw alcohol like rum soaked lady fingers who be a no-no but other than that?

                                          I serve pumpkin and pecan pies, apple tarts, gingerbread/cake as well as ginger and vanilla ice cream. I haven never had a kid turn down any of those.

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                                          1. re: foodieX2

                                            >>I serve pumpkin and pecan pies, apple tarts, gingerbread/cake as well as ginger and vanilla ice cream. I haven never had a kid turn down any of those.<<

                                            I would have turned down the pies as a kid. I would turn them down today, as well.

                                            1. re: Jay F

                                              Exactly my point. You cant please everyone, adults or kids alike. I just don't understand the kid friendly part from a taste perspective.

                                              Now making things fun or cute does havd kids appeal. My son would eat almost anyhting made in a Lego mold, lol

                                            2. re: foodieX2

                                              as a kid i loved desserts with raw alcohol. i still do.

                                              oh, wait you think its not a good idea, perhaps you have a point. I have to admit last year for our christmas buffet at church I was surprised to see 3 different rum cakes. And yes the kids were eating them before someone realized what was going on. No wonder they call us Whiskiypalians.