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how many times a week

(or month) do you go to the grocery store?

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  1. Twice a week. Tuesday and Saturday mornings.

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      That's good to hear, I go twice a week (mondays and thursday or fridays), and go to the farmers markets saturday or sunday. I can't bear the supermarkets on weekends.

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        Our supermarkets are bearable on weekends if you shop before, say, 11:00 a.m. or so.

    2. At least 3, if not 4, times per week, but I'm including the Greenmarket in that calculation. Caveat: I'm not just shopping for home, but for clients, and sometimes I need to honor special last-minute requests.

      1. I do a multi-store shopping extravaganza on Friday nights. When I have plenty of time to cook on the weekends, I usually stop in both Saturday and Sunday morning to pick up fresh items. For most of the week, I am stocked from my Friday trip and make meals that involve less perishable ingredients. In short, 3 times a week.

        1. In Florida, including my produce market, 4 times, I suppose. They are all pretty close. In Mexico, 5.

          1. Once a week minimum. I usually go to 2-3 different stores, Whole Foods, a gourmet market, and occasionally Super Target or my local grocery store. I generally stop by for a quick trip once or twice a week. Especially if I get a craving for something I don't have the ingredients for.

            1. Costco every two weeks, and smaller stores in my neighborhood probably 3 times a week.

              1. Daily. It's a rare day when I don't need to stop at some kind of food store/grocery/market.

                1. Twice. I shop at the Safeway and Sprouts near my office on Friday after work. I only buy sale items at these places so neither stop takes long.

                  I do my main shopping on Saturday morning at the King Soopers near my house. I also have the occasional trip to Target but I only buy one or two grocery items there, if they are on sale, and I won't go there JUST to buy the sale item, only if I have to go to buy other stuff.

                  1. About every five or six days.

                    1. Every weekday. I like to shop by my mood and what meat looks good. I know I spend more but that is how I shop. Then on Friday I buy for the weekend and veg out and hermit it up Saturday and Sunday

                      1. Almost every day. We are within walking distance.

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                          Yep, me too.

                          I do meal plan but find that produce just doesn't keep for me so I don't buy more than two days ahead.

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                            Produce I get at the farmers market keeps fresh for weeks, yet anything I pick up at whole foods or other supermarkets spoils by the end of the week.

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                              Here too!! I am absolutely AMAZED at how long even baby lettuce mixes remain fresh in my fridge - like, 2-3 weeks! Just in partially-open plastic bags. Same with other greens like kale & chard. Even tomatoes left out on the counter have longer shelf lives. Can't beat that farmers market freshness.

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                                I suspect it is due to commercial produce being exposed to elements that keep it fresher longer, so when removed from that environment, spoilage seems to accelerate.

                        2. Once, mainly for most of our food. Quick trips to local stores ( which are far from "supermarkets", more like convenience stores...) and additional trip or two for milk, etc. Sometimes a quick stop on my way home at an actual grocery store for some needed item for a recipe or that was forgotten on the main trip.

                          1. I try to go once a week, on a weeknight. But inevitably I end up at Trader Joe's on a Saturday because I need milk or cereal.

                            1. I go about every other week but sometimes less than that. I just commented to my spouse that last month (October) I only went to an actual "grocery store" once. I don't use the grocery store that much. I have one fridge/freezer and two other freezers, a greenhouse, a garden, a wine cellar, and my own chickens.

                              I shop at specialty shops or farms mostly for meats, cheeses, odd produce, etc.when I feel like it, and I order a lot online. It is hard to say how often this happens but I typically shop at the specialty stores the same day I go to the grocery store. I just make it a big shopping trip.

                              I make a Costco run every three or four months.

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                                  Seriously, there are only the two of us now- and we are *ahem* getting a little older-and I think that makes a big difference. When we had kids at home (and owned the same property) I shopped *at least* weekly. Our kids didn't share the same enthusiasm for producing food (fertilizing raspberries?... fugetaboutit) or eating it ("why don't we buy big orange cheese like everyone else?")....and as teens, they ate waaaaay more than what we do now!

                                  I still can't get over how long things last around here, now that the kids are gone. I can open some chips or crackers and still have them be in the cupboard a week later. Amazing. :D

                              1. Twice a week - early mornings before 8 AM when things are very quiet. To the specialty food stores in the city 350 km away - monthly. This all changes if I am doing a cooking class or catering, obviously.

                                  1. Once a week. CSA produce craning Tuesday. This mean in a perfect world I would shop on Wednesday. Alas my current cooking schedule is general Sunday or Monday through Thursday. Generally I shop on Saturday or Sunday. CSA meat is delivered once a month.

                                    1. Try to go once a week. When I drive to a supermarket to do my main shopping. But usually end up going (or asking bf to stop) every other day. It's not hard to do since it's hard for me to walk anywhere without passing at least one food store.

                                      1. it averages out to once a day.
                                        so many times I go to a few in a day.
                                        today, I'll go to-
                                        1. Asian grocery store for [as stated] 'must have's' for the recipe I'm doing for dinner tonight:
                                        natural brewed soy sauce~mirin wine~sake
                                        2. WinCo for a variety of things [but mostly for their bulk department] where I'll buy:
                                        chicken pieces
                                        star anise
                                        sesame seeds
                                        FF 1/2&1/2 coffee cream
                                        Creme Brulee coffee cream for the kid
                                        raw sugar
                                        3. Orowheat Bakery for sandwich breads for the week

                                        1. Every day. Farmers' Market once a week. Costco once every six weeks.

                                          1. As needed, which usualy equates to 5 or 6 times a week. It's a real treat to be able to go home from work without stopping, but that is very rare.

                                            1. a minimum of 5 times, but I shop for us, mother and MIL

                                              1. Grocery store about once every three weeks. Costco every couple of weeks. Farmer's market every week from mid-spring through late summer. And a CSA delivery every other week.

                                                1. Supermarket once a week and daily trips to green markets, specialty shops etc. to pick up at least one or two fresh or last minute idea things for dinner that night.

                                                  1. 3-4 times a week + a weekly trip to the farmers market during the months that it's open.

                                                    1. It depends on the week, season, and .. my attitude. I love fresh produce.. so sometimes I go through it faster and go to the store 3-4 times a week; other times I go only once.

                                                      1. I'm suprised by how many people go daily.

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                                                          I love the market. Its like therapy. I could go seven days a week if my boyfriend and i weren't so set in our ways on the weekend. I know that he likes certain junk on the weekend and i like to be with him as much as i can when i am off so i buy the junk and we are taters all weekend :-)

                                                          1. re: suzigirl

                                                            I also find the market therapeutic.

                                                            1. re: fldhkybnva

                                                              Thank you for that. So is cooking. It soothes me especially in times of stress

                                                          2. re: olyolyy

                                                            My husband likes to "get out" every day so the market is a good destination. We also like to shop for what we feel like eating that night.

                                                          3. I go two or three times a week, on average. I mostly buy fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy, and I prefer to get them as fresh as possible.

                                                            Some day I'll move to a place where I can grow a garden and raise goats, chickens, and pigs, and then I'll probably go to the grocery store much less frequently than I do now.

                                                            1. 4-5 times a week. I work a rotating shift so I end up with days off during the week. If I could only go on nights and weekends, I'd only go once a week. I like to creep around and look at things. I don't really meal plan more than a couple of days in advance so it just depends on what's on sale.

                                                              1. I think I would go batty if I had to go to the supermarket every day.

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                                                                  Yeah, totally! Ugh, can't even imagine!:)

                                                                  1. re: Marusik

                                                                    depending on how old your kids are (or if you have any at all) it can be quite the production!

                                                                2. Normally, once a week (unless we run out of bananas or green salad or something else).

                                                                  1. Probably three to four times a week. I might go more during summer, and sometimes less during winter (I cook a lot of stews). I love going to the store. I get some walking in, and, paradoxically, I don't buy too much if I'm going all the time.

                                                                    1. It ends up being about 4 times a week. I rotate all stores,some just have the best items, some have the best prices . I'm retired so I like to get a good deal when i can.

                                                                      1. Three, excluding Costco. And two stores every week - The Joe and our version of Krogers. This is because my if my dear mom does not get her 'groceries' - mainly frozen entrees these days [I know, I know] every Thursday, the world will end. Wait, it's almost 12/21. I don't have to fret about this much longer.

                                                                        We shop at our local farmers market every Sunday for seasonal veg, grass-fed beef and breadstuff from a most excellent French baker.

                                                                        We hit Costco just about quarterly for TriTip, pork, and chicken. And we buy some foodstuff at Targ monthly, mostly things that are bad for one, but which are occasionally necessary.

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                                                                          Wait, it's almost 12/21. I don't have to fret about this much longer.
                                                                          So it is safe for me to start smoking again? :)

                                                                          Joking aside, I can relate to the "every Thursday" thing, my dad was the same way.

                                                                        2. Usually 3-5 times a week

                                                                          1. At least every other day. I like to go shopping, I don't like to have large quantities around of things I like too much (Kettle Chips), and I hate letting produce get old (I almost never have to throw food away).

                                                                            Also, I'm not bothered by the things that stress some of you out at the store (OP's carts, OP's unpaid-for-but-eaten food, OP's children, the self-check line), but maybe that's because I'm in and out so quickly.

                                                                            1. I go pretty often. I hit the big chains (stop and shop/hannaford) usually once or twice a week. Other days its quick runs to TJ's, Whole Foods and our local speciality grocers.

                                                                              My farm share arrive every other week so those weeks I go little less.

                                                                              I do a BJ's tun every 3-4 months.

                                                                              1. I live about five miles outside a small town (ten minutes into town). Once a week, Tuesday or Wednesday, I do my big shop for the week, usually going to at least two of four stores: the local-foods market, the food co-op (which also has a good amount of local produce), the cheese store, and the meat store (small slaughterhouse that butchers locally raised beef, pork, and lamb).

                                                                                On Friday I go pick up bread from a couple at the other end of the county who bake in their outdoor wood oven. On the way home I pass a store that's a sort of mini-Whole Foods, and will pick up things there if needed.

                                                                                In between, the s.o. or I will get things at the supermarket that we only get there: dog food, paper goods, plastic bags, foil, ice cream, etc.

                                                                                The local-foods market, the cheese store, and the local meat processor are all new within the last several years, as are the bread bakers. Together, they've cut way down on what we buy at the supermarket.

                                                                                1. Varies. Several times a week.
                                                                                  I'm in walking distance (not even 5 minutes) to one supermarket, and another one is across the street from the post office, which I visit several times a week.

                                                                                  Most trips are for fresh fruit and vegs. Or for snacks. (Less likely to snack if I don't keep snacks in the house, so I try not to stock up on them.)

                                                                                  1. Monday and Thursday, twice a week regular grocery shopping.

                                                                                    1. Typically 2-4 times a week. We live in an apartment and have a toddler - this makes large grocery trips near impossible and I hate weekend grocery shopping. I don't mind it. I meal plan and it's nice to pick up fresh ingredients a few times a week. Plus, my daughter eats an enormous amount of fresh fruit and Greek yogurt, so I need to get these things often!

                                                                                      1. It depends on where I am.

                                                                                        Though I'm just about grounded now, if I was in Bangkok where there are decent 24-hour supermarkets (Foodland is the main one), I go everyday, sometimes twice a day.

                                                                                        Jakarta's choices are less fun (though if you're in town, Ranch Market makes a decent "hygienic" gado-gado), but there's a fruit market by Sarinah which I'd go to every other day to get some sliced starfruit (belimbing) and maybe a salak or four. Also, if you're looking for sugarless tea, try the foreign supermarkets because it's not even a guarantee at a hypermart.

                                                                                        At home it's a pain so I don't go too often. I might go twice a week to get bread, cheese and meat, and buy vegetables from the local ornery cuss on the curb.