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Nov 6, 2012 12:54 PM

Sansotei has new noodles...anyone try them yet?

I just noticed that Sansotei has updated its website. Looks pretty good. More importantly, there is a "news & events" sidebar with a notification that says:

"You have voiced and we have listened, very soon our customers will have the option to choose the type of noodle with no extra charge and our new noodles are upgraded to the highest quality just like the ones in Japan"

Anyone try them yet? Noodles were the main knock against them (vs. Kinton for example). Sounds like they may have improved things noticeably.

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  1. They had tweeted at me a while back that this was in the works - haven't seen it on the menu yet (as of last week). Very exciting if so!!

    1. It says "very soon" though.... So do they even have them yet?