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Nov 6, 2012 12:39 PM

Desperate: Where to Buy Foie Gras in Manhattan?

Hi, folks ...

I'm in a bit of a bind here. I'm looking for a place to buy foie gras in Manhattan (duck rather than goose) for preparation at home. I'm at a loss. Can anyone help?

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  1. Citarella has it normally: In fact, most of your high-end groceries do. You might want to call in advance since a lot of stores lost stock courtesy of Sandy.

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      Thanks, I will give Citarella a try!

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        I asked for it at Citarella in the Village at the meat/poultry counter and the guy looked at me like I was insane. Finally, after I explained to him what I wanted, he sent me to the "counter near the smoked fish." I did not leave the establishment with fresh duck foie gras. Disappointed.

      2. I buy directly from
        You can get fresh or prepared duck foie gras of excellent quality, shipped very quickly.

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          Noted -- unfortunately, I don't have time to make an order, but I have saved this link for next time. Thank you!

        2. Citarella and Grace's Marketplace on 3rd Ave and 71 St. usually have it.

          1. Ottomanelli's on Bleecker Street for fresh.

            Buon Italia in Chelsea Market has it frozen and a little cheaper (it freezes well on account of the high fat content) - if you're using it for a mousse or sauce or something, you can get bags of odd sized frozen end-pieces, and they're fine.

            1. Was at Ottomanelli's in Bleecker last Saturday and purchased some.

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                Citarella on the UWS near Fairway usually stock it. I got a full lobe last year around this time.