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Nov 6, 2012 12:37 PM

lunch between Vence and Saint Remy

This May my husband and I are spending several nights in Vence, then traveling by car to Saint Remy. I would like to leave Vence on the early side so as to be in Saint Remy early- to mid afternoon. Guessing the trip may be 3 or more hours without a lunch stop, but that's a guess. We have no firm notion yet on road(s) to take between the two places. Somewhere along the way I would like to find a small village/town and a good restaurant for lunch. Not looking for a three hour meal this time - but something great that is not too far off the path to our destination. And later that week we'll be in Aix so I am not wanting to stop there at this point. Can any of you Provence insiders recommend a lunch stop? The trip leaving Vence to Saint Remy is on a Saturday.
Also, its been many years since we've been to Vence, but we always thought the little town was sweet and real and so are looking forward to returning. Any recommended restaurants or cafes in Vence would also be helpful. Many thanks.

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  1. I'm guessing you plan to leave Vence between 9 & 10am, which means that you could very well be in St Rémy before their restaurants stop serving lunch (not that I would recommend that). However you could hit Orgon about 2-1/2 hours out, and have lunch at le Potager du Mas, the restaurant of the lovely Mas de la Rose ( ). To get there from Vence, head south to pick up the autoroute in the direction of Aix, then on to Salon-de-Provence, continuing north in the direction of Avignon. Although the site's directions are from the Cavaillon exit, it's a bit easier to get off one exit earlier at Sénas, turn right on the N7 (again heading towards Avignon), pass through Sénas, & once you reach Orgon turn left at the traffic circle (towards Eygalières). A 15-20 minute ride will get you to St Rémy afterwards.

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      Potager looks lovely, and thank you so much for the specific directions. Any thoughts about Vence?

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        Sorry, but I don't know Vence (or its surrounding area) well enough to recommend any restaurants...but I think there are several CHers who might (and will hopefully see your post).