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Truffle butter

Does anyone know where I can buy truffle butter in NYC? I can order it from D'Artagnan but would prefer to buy it in person.

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  1. Most high-end markets: Fairway, Whole Foods, Zabar's, Dean and Deluca will all carry it.

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      Thanks. I'll check them out when I'm in town for Thanksgiving.

    2. Eataly

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      2. I actually prefer Urbani's truffle butters to D'Artagnan's. Most FairWays carry a long list of Urbani products

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          Thanks, I'll check it out.

        2. Buon Italia at Chelsea Market has quite a big variety of truffle butters, oils, creams, sauces, etc etc..

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            Great, thanks.

          2. Garden of Eden also

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              Thank you